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Tuesday, 18 September 2018


It has been found out that the surgical procedure does go on to depend upon the location or you could say the size of the tumour. You can opt for surgery when it is the small non cancer cells and the extend of the disease has not gone to spread much far. You detect the tumour at an early stage before it has gone on to spread outside. As per the inputs of lung cancer treatment in India the surgery could be undertaken in various ways. They are as follows

Wedge resection

Here the surgeon does go on to remove the small wedge shaped lung that is prone to lung cancer. There does exist a margin of healthy tissue around the lung. You would need to undertake this procedure when the functions of lung have gone on to decrease to a considerable extent. But at the same time you will find that the risks associated of lung cancer emerging back is all the more as well.


Here you go on to remove one single lobe of your lung. The surgeon is going to advocate this procedure if they are of the opinion that one portion of your lung is prone to damage. When you need a surgery on both portions of the lungs it goes by the name of lobectomy.

Removal of lymph nodes

It has been found out that during the course of the procedure, the surgeon is going to remove some portion of lymph nodes around the region of the lungs. The main reason of it is that the lymph nodes might go on to contain cancer cells that would have broken away from the main cancer cells.  You will find that the lymph nodes are sending across to the lab and then it is subject to further round of testing under a microscope. If it does go on to contain cancer cells it does have an impact on the treatment procedures once the surgery is over.

The various types of treatment in terms of lung cancer

The first major type of treatment happens to be radiation therapy. Here large beams of rays are directed towards the location of your tumour. But the drawback is that both the normal along with the cancer cells are being damaged by this process.

Then comes the option of chemotherapy. This could be handed over in the form of pills or via the sphere of injection as well. it does go on to interfere with the ability of the cancer cells to divide and multiply. The healthy cells are also damaged and at the same time they do recover over a period of time.

Apart from this there are targeted therapies for treatment of lung cancer. They go on to block or reduce the spread of cancer cells. In fact they are known to attack specific type of cancer cells. You can adopt this method to treat small non lung cancer that does keep coming back. The treatment is not possible with chemotherapy.

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