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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Within the Iboga Flower of Africa, ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive chemical that is employed to treat various addictions. A robust hallucinogenic, ibogaine has dissociative properties and supports addictions to alcohol, methamphetamines, heroin, methadone, mental health issues, and food. Additionally it is responsible for the treating certain medical ailments and is employed for spiritual exploration and mental introspection.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Today our work has developed in a way that we need to meet the deadlines, and pleasing our bosses is one of the important tasks. We all bounce between night shifts and day shifts of the work we do. This has led us to forget the time to take rest. The only time we get is after our shift of work is over. This time is very precious to people like us. This calls for a good and right mattress for the limited time of taking rest. There is no specific scientific reasoning behind the right mattress. But there are some tips which can be beneficial in this case.

There are some people who do not even realize that the time for changing their mattress has arrived. Therefore they use the unchanged ones for longer period of time. This leads to nothing but sleeplessness. People keep on rotating in their bed throughout the night without getting the right reason behind it. This may further lead to serious health hazards.

Insomnia or deprive of sleep has become the most common thing in people today. This is a condition in which people lack enough sleep. This further leads to dizziness and thus makes them unready the following day. This is always unhealthy and disadvantageous as people cannot produce the right amount of work. Fatigue, anxiety and insomnia have become the ruler of their working lives. This can cause real harm to people leading to loss of weight, degeneration of cells, and loss of blood.

The right mattress for proper sleep

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that a mattress can check their sleeping habits. There are some who does not believe it to be true. But this will not change the fact. A person must be aware of why a mattress is responsible for a better health and sleep. The following are some of the scientifically approved reasons of why it is necessary to choose the right mattress.

      Right mattress for keeping insects away – Nowadays people are very busy with their work. They even work for an extended amount of time. After such a hectic schedule of working hours it definitely calls for the day off. A proper rest is required after a tiring day like this. But people fail to change their mattress after the period of changing has already passed and continue using the old one. These old mattress are the home to insects such as mites, pollen and many more. There is also an accumulation of dust and dirt in the old mattress. All this collectively results in unhealthy health. It not only affects you but your children as well.  The trojans present in the old mattress makes way to enter the body causing health issues such as, allergies, fever, infections and some other chronic diseases.

      Back pain relief mattress – People of middle age groups mainly suffers from pain on their back and legs as well. This generally occurs because of the use of an old mattress which is not perfect for them. A mattress which is firm in shape and gives the support which is required to get relief shall be availed. A scientifically approved mattress for the perfect posture shall be bought to avoid the pain that is causing sleep deprivation.

      Use mattresses made of latex – The mattress used earlier were usually made of foam. Foam acts as a good absorber of heat. It traps the heat that evolves from the body and creates humidity. The humidity provides the perfect atmosphere for the mites to grow. This may cause allergy. So, it is better to choose a mattress made of latex. Latex will avoid the mites from growing and thus, making you way for sound sleeps.

      Mattress to prevent snoring – There are some mattresses which can be adjusted. This helps people to prevent the problem of snoring. These mattresses are so made that it provides with the perfect cushioning. This helps to prevent snore.

      Protection against spine injury – The people who have spine injuries find it difficult to sleep in a bouncy bed. Therefore it is very important for them to change the old mattress and replace it with an air mattress.

Monday, 16 July 2018


What is breast cancer? It would mean the growth of tumours in the glandular tissue of the breasts. In the modern day situation more and more women are surviving breast cancer than before. If numbers are an indicator nearly 2 million people survive from breast cancer. The key is early detection and then treatment of the same. For sure it will lead to positive outcome of the same.

The exact reason on why a woman goes on to develop breast cancer is still a mystery. Though younger women can fall prey to this disease, this tends to affect woman in the age group of 50 years all the more. The lifestyle changes along with your habits have a definite say in this regard. It could also emerge if you have a history of this disease running in your family as well.

In the starting phase the symptoms of breast cancer are hardly noticeable. But once the cancer goes on to spread over women can go on to figure out a lot of noticeable changes. One of the most common symptoms that tend to arise is the swelling of the breasts. Lumps could also appear under the arms as well. A foul discharge from the nipple could also emerge.

Screening of breast cancer

The question is whether you need to screen or not. It is not a medical problem but economic considerations come into play here. The moment a patient is diagnosed with cancer, it leads to a period of acute stress for the patient. In fact a period of depression along with confusion creeps in as well.

One of the main reasons on why early screening is suggested is because medical treatment or surgery would be most effective. For sure it is going to reduce the impact of mortality.

The treatment

The moment a breast cancer is detected then the process of treatment takes over. You can tell whether it is staged. The doctor is in a position to figure out whether the cancer has spread or not. In fact a series of tests are suggested to find out the stage as well. If the doctor is aware of the stage they are in a better position to play the course of treatment.

As far as the choice of treatment depends here the general health and age of a woman assumes a lot of importance. The location along with the type of tumour assumes a lot of importance. Here the key point that you need to be aware is whether the cancer has gone on to spread in other areas of the body or not. You could opt for a single treatment or a combination of treatments as one may deem it to be fit.

As far as the breast cancer treatment in India is concerned, surgical methods are put to use. It goes on to destroy the cancer cells. If the breast cancer has gone on to spread at a local level then surgery could be an option as well.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


All Fruits that are Green aren’t Healthy

An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is one saying we live by. Isn’t it? And surely a bright red apple would be appealing to our eyes and inadvertently we would buy it, thinking that it is healthy. Now what if you come to know that this apple comes with its own baggage that makes it anything but healthy? Shocked? Well, not so much.

Friday, 4 May 2018


Red Tea Detox, Coffee, Tea, or Minerals?

Consuming tea or coffee with your meals can restrict just how much iron (needed for red cell) and zinc (needed for resistance) you absorb from the food you're consuming and also from the supplements you take with your meals. This is since tea and also coffee include high levels of caffeine and also tannins.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


There are lots of health benefits of stevia like weight loss, sugar control, hypertension, prevents several of forms of cancer. It’s also help in skin care diseases, protect oral health and build strong bones.
Do you know what Stevia is? Well may be few of you already know about it or rest may be not. Stevia is herbal herb which is sweeter than sugar; it is a green leafy plant used for hundred years because of its various health benefits, leaves of stevia herb is extremely sweet. Stevia is recently in fame when people notice that stevia 40x times sweeter than sugar and it will not affects the blood sugar leaves. Stevia leaves don’t have any side effects on body unlike sugar.

In this busy life where health issues like sugar, obesity, hypertension etc. are so common. Stevia is blessing for everyone. Stevia has more than 240 species known as from different names. But its formal scientific name is stevia rebaudiana only. It is found in the tropical portions of north and South America, Whether the herb belong their but its also available in India. Stevia suppliers in India try that their each and every product will be reach to their customers.

Scientist believes that Stevia is also a wonderful option for the people those are on carbohydrate   diet. Here we are sharing some amazing benefits of stevia herbs.

1.       Lowers Your Cholesterol Level: Stevia herbs are very use full in lower cholesterol level of your body. The consumption of stevia leaves help you in reducing cholesterol level and it increase the HLD level which is healthy cholesterol. 
2.       Good for diabetic patients:  People widely used stevia because of its ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It is an ideal replacement of sugar in your body. You can have sweets without worrying about your diabetic complications.
3.       Obesity: Having refined sugar also effect on our body weight, replace refined sugar with stevia and you will find the change in your weight. Stevia is sweeter and having zero calories. If you will have products made by stevia you will definitely reduce the weight. Stevia also control access sugar in children.
4.       Skin Care: Stevia products also beneficial for skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis. Its help bacteria to spread in your body.
5.       Oral Health: Stevia is helpful to reduce bacterial formation in the mouth; you can use it as a toothpastes and mouthwashes.
6.       Help prevent cancer:  Stevia herb have rich source of antioxidant compounds which help to prevent various type of cancer like pancreatic cancer etc. it also help preventing various types of heart diseases.
These are important health benefits you will get from stevia. Apart from this Stevia sell their products in the form of powder and crushed leaves of stevia and extract liquid. You can carry their stevia liquid or powder with you anywhere be it restaurant, hotel, in traveling anywhereand follow healthy lifestyle with it.

Offices are packed with work, shelves are piled up with files and mind is crammed with tension and stress. Amidst so much of work, one thing that can provide you with relief is a cup of tea. Whether you believe it or not, many people have a lifelong companionship with tea cups. They love to drink tea because tea keeps them going, tea stays on their side and most importantly tea is the perfect liquid that makes their day fuelled.

There are different kinds of teas out there that are being relished by people. Whether you talk about black tea, premium loose leaf tea, flavoured tea or any other type of tea; these teas are packed with utmost freshness and uplifting aura. The moment you drink it, you feel alive and less burdened. If you have not been a fan of tea, it is alright. All you have to do is you have to try a good quality tea. Sometimes people make prejudice on the bases of their one or two experiences. This should not be happen in your life. Different teas have their different charm and excitement.

Do you have so much to do?

Well, if you are already tired and you have so much to do till night, it would be good that you grab a cup of tea. Tea would turn out to be a reliever for you. The tea leaves and their flavour make the sipper feel absolutely comforted and consoled. If you have your specific choices or flavour priorities, you can go accordingly too. There are different flavours available in tea. These teas are packed with the flavours that you might not get in any other beverage. Of course, many of you might be followers of coffee and indeed, coffee has its plus too but tea is matchless.

Do you seek a drop in your weight?

Are you looking forward to lose weight? Do you want to ensure that your weight stays in proper check? Well, if that is the case then you should think about green tea. The ingredients of green tea are absolutely lightening. You not just feel fresh but you lose your weight too. There are many people who count on green tea for losing weight. After all when you are getting something that too of your choice and it is helping you in losing weight too then why too worry about anything else?

Gift a tea

If you have a friend who loves to drink tea then you must gift him a different type of tea. Of course, it might sound little lame to you but tea lovers love to receive different types of teas. They are always hunting for new options in tea. What if you give them a tea that has specially been made in a country like Australia? That would be commendable right? Different teas of different regions have different charm and charisma.
Thus, the bottom line is that you can always work on your priorities and preferences once you have the right things in hand. You just have to kick away all your tiredness and unnecessary stress and her best weapon to do so are ‘a cup of tea’.

Friday, 30 March 2018


The system that is concerned with providing non-invasive treatment for both non-cancerous and cancerous tumors which are present is any part of the body is known as cyberknife system. With the help of the cyberknife procedure, the tumor is targeted and the radiation is delivered safely with an accuracy of sub-millimeter. This procedure makes sure that the healthy tissues and organs are exposed to the minimum amount of radiation. 

What types of areas of the body or cancers are treatable by cyberknife system?

Body areas like lung, brain, prostate, neck, head, spine, pancreas, liver and kidney are treatable by sober knife system. Cyberknife hospitals in India will give you detailed information about the process. 

What are the benefits of cyberknife system? 

There are many advantages of going through a cyberknife system since it does not involve any surgical incision. This procedure is not at all painful. You will not require going through hospitalization or anesthesia to undergo this procedure. You will require only five treatment session in order to complete the cyberknife procedure. The treatment involves minimum side effects and you are able to return to normal activities almost immediately as it has absolutely the minimal amount of recovery time. 

What are the side effects if cyberknife treatment? 

The side effects of cyberknife treatment I'd generally temporary and mild. Mostly it involves fatigue and nausea. But in some very rare cases like any radiation treatment, the side effects may be severe and is might involve permanent injury or even death. Befriending for the surgery make sure to consult with a doctor to know whether you are suitable for the surgery or not. Another side effect involved is that you might get skin irritation. In severe cases, the patient might face pain, decoration of life quality, and alterations in normal body functions which involves urinary and salivary function. You must face the side effects shortly after you are over with the radiation or several years after. The severity of side effects depends on the various factors like size and location of the tumor that was treated and also the general medical condition of the patient. 

How many sessions are required in case of cyberknife treatment? 

The cyberknife radiosurgery treatment is generally involved with one to five sessions and it is over within a week. 

How long does each session require? 

Depending upon the number of beams utilized and also the degree of motion that is exhibited by the target, the duration of each cybe rknife treatment is decided. Generally, it lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. Those treatments that are involved with a higher quantity of beams which are applied to moving target will require a longer time than the lower quantity beams which are delivered or static targets. This is mainly because extra time is needed to make sure that the delivery is of high precision. There has been an availability of a multileaf collimator which is beam shaped. This is supposed to make treatment faster. Find the best cyber knife hospital in India to undergo the procedure.

Monday, 26 March 2018


With mental illness and addictions running rampant together, it is little wonder that around 50 percent of those diagnosed with a mental illness will also become addicts at some point. Whether through self-medicating behavior or as a way to escape, addiction and mental illness seem to go hand in hand. Although there is some argument as to whether mental health problems cause addiction and whether addiction causes mental illness, the correlation between the two is obvious. Both mental illness and addictions have similar symptoms and similar recovery timelines. There is no cure for either and both tend to be relapsing conditions.

Despite recent advances in the fields of addiction medicine and treatment for mental health disorders, they are often treated as two very separate problems. While therapy or psychoactive medications are provided for mental health issues, replacement medications and therapy are provided for addiction and detoxification. These models often work best for the individual disorders and it is little wonder that clinicians treat them in these ways. Unfortunately, when they occur together, many people find themselves only being treated for one or the other. This creates what is known as the treatment gap between mental illness and addiction.

This treatment gap, unfortunately, dooms someone suffering from a co-occurring disorder like mental illness and addiction to repeating the same cycle over and over again. The cycle begins with addiction or manifestation of the mental illness, then resolves in treatment, and finally because only one disorder is actually being treated ends in relapse and repetition of the cycle.

The treatment gap exists for a few reasons. Lack of proper screening techniques to catch both illnesses is one of the most prevalent. The current screening techniques are designed to find mental illness or addiction and then stop there. They do not look any farther than the first disorder found. Another prevalent reason for the treatment gap is lack of provider training. Many providers are either mental health specialists or addiction specialists. There is not a tremendous amount of crossover between the two disciplines. In order to treat both, you need someone who is capable of treating both.

Mental illness and beginning addiction are often easy to hide. When someone is attempting to screen for both, it is not uncommon for the client to attempt to hide one or the other. This coupled with the high cost of treating either disorder let alone treating both further exacerbates the treatment gap.

Fortunately, more and more treatment centers are moving towards integrated treatment options. These treatment options, like the ones that you can find at, provide both mental illness and addictions treatment at the same time. Providers of integrated treatment utilize; integrated screening methods to detect both disorders, treatment protocols and training to treat addiction and mental illness at the same time. They also use targeting for vulnerable populations who may present with both mental illness and addiction and who may or may not self-medicate, as well as improved funding sources and lower cost combined treatment options. Each of these methods is designed to break the cycle and close the treatment gap.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

pregnancy care hindi tips

It is of highest importance that during pregnancy the mother and the child in the womb both keep healthy and the mother should be in a positive frame of mind. During this period it is essential that the mother have such nutritious food which eliminates such possible complication during this period, it is again important that she have a happy frame of mind because any trace of depressive mentality is just harmful for the mother and the child. The specific guidelines which have scientific justifications should be followed and the family should regularly consult doctor when the need is felt. It is the basic responsibility of the family members to keep the mother in a joyous state of mind. It is important to have emphasis on the type of diet and performance of regular exercise because it is good for the budding child in the womb also.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Why You Should Avoid E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy
E-cigarettes were created in China as a replacement for the injurious cigarette addiction. While the electronic cigarette is used mostly by smokers who want to leave, or by ex-smokers and the number of users among non-smokers is negligible. There is always a chance that using it may lead to nicotine addiction. Also, it is often seen that using an e-cigarette only delays quitting and people tend to grow dependent on it. Some smokers who could have left smoking permanently now tend to depend on the electronic cigarettes and refuse to leave it.

E-cigarettes during pregnancy can lead to problems such as early delivery of your baby, which clinically means preterm labour. It leads to a premature baby with low birth weight, less developed regions especially on the face which may lead to a permanent deformity.

Nicotine results in decrease of oxygen amount in your body and so less available oxygen for your baby. It often causes birth disorders like and also after birth the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is increased drastically. It also contracts the arteries so less nutrition and oxygen reaches your baby through the placental barrier. Nicotine is infamous of having ill-effects on the health of a baby, sometimes acting as carcinogenic of the foetus too. Also the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) increases amongst such babies. Vaping is harmful to the baby both before and after birth. One of the main problems which are caused by vaping is the placental insufficiency or abruption of the placental which can be lethal to the baby. It also includes other problems such as labour before the end of the gestation period of nine months; many stillbirths have occurred or low birth weight although not a fatal disease is seen in such patient’s baby. Other birth defects are found especially if vaping is done in the first three months when the baby is very sensitive to the external factors causing a change in its development. The harmful effects of nicotine are not limited up to the foetus only, it even affects the grown up children with ADHD and chronic diseases like asthma and other lung diseases. ADHD is a disorder in which a kid can’t concentrate on a single thing properly and also shows increased aggressiveness.

Thus you should steer clear of vaping while pregnant, and the reasons are clearly illustrated above. It is better to depend on the ictonice chewing gums, as it doesn’t fills your blood with vapour. It releases very low amounts of nicotine and also has much more number of quality controls. E-cigarette is a relatively new concept and there hasn’t been much researcha bout it and hence a low number of quality control.
Being pregnant is one of the best experiences of a woman’s life and being a mother is a huge responsibility. So just for the sake of your baby it is best to avoid substances that could possibly pose as a threat to a healthy life for your baby.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


There are different types of surgeries that are performed by physicians on their patients. One such surgery is orthopedic which tends to deal with skeletons and muscles present in the human body. It is a surgery form that rectifies issues arising in the tendons, ligaments, attachments and skeleton region. 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Some people always prefer munching a snack at least once in a day. Most of the snacks available in the market are high in calories and fats and lacks the real essential nutrients. One of the snacks that are the best for the munchies lover is the corn. Sweet corn has a number of health benefits which makes it a healthy snack.

Rich in nutrients 

Sweet corn is packed with high nutrients which are useful for the human body in a number of ways. It helps in idyllic functioning of the internal systems like generation of the cells, prevents constipation and various other digestive problems. It is a blessing for the people who are diabetic. The sweet corn recipe in hindi provides information about cooking the nutrient packed starchy snack which is low in total fat with zero unsaturated fats, cholesterol or sodium. It is high in vitamin C and is a good source of fibre too.


For skin

Look younger-If you want to hold your beauty and look young and maintain the youthful look, you must consume sweet corn, because it is a powerhouse of antioxidants which is useful in preventing the process of ageing of the skin.

Enhances skin texture- Consumption of sweet corn on a regular basis is considered good for enhancing the texture of your skin. It hosts essential minerals and vitamins which when applied on skin as well as eaten is proven to ensure you a radiant skin and good vision.

Removes Acne Scars- When the high in Vitamin E sweet corn paste is applied on the skin it works wonders to remove the facial acne scars effectively.

For hair

Enhances blood circulation- Consumption of the corn oil and also applying it on the scalp enhances the blood circulation which in return helps the hair follicles to produce strong and healthy tresses.

Strengthens hair strands-Vitamin C, lycopene content and various other antioxidants present in the corn helps in strengthening the hair strands effectively. It also helps in fixing hair loss problems with regular consumption.

Healthy Benefits

Treats Anaemia- Corn contains a huge amount of Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. The deficiency of these mentioned nutrients cause anaemia. Thus, eating sweet corn can help you in preventing anaemia effectively.

Lowers Cholesterol- Sweet corn contains fibres that turn into a gel-like substance when in the blood stream, these are very important for a body to function well. Sweet corn contains carotenoids and bioflavonoid which helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in blood.

Improves vision- Sweet corn contains beta carotene that produces vitamin A to promote better vision. The carotenoid reduces the macular degeneration that impairs the vision, thus, helping in improving the vision.

Boosts Energy- The sweet corn acts as a storehouse of energy as it provides with more energy than most of the vegetables. Athletes are suggested to follow the sweet corn recipe in hindi to increase their carbohydrates intake which in return will boost their energy with every meal of sweet corn.

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