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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Social media marketing can be your one stop for all your marketing purposes for your business. If you want to succeed in today's times, it's imperative to promote your product and brand through social media. The concept of social media is based on connecting people globally. The public relation built through this works like gold for businesses. If you are a smart businessman, then you cannot let this opportunity slide. Losing out on easy social media free marketing is handing over your victory to your competitors. Instagram can be your ultimate social tool for making your brand more popular. Most brands still focus on Facebook and Twitter mostly, but slowly Instagram is catching up.

Instagram started off as a photo editing and sharing app and slowly became the most widely used photo app in the world. Soon enough, it has become a well-known social media giant itself with millions of users logging in every single day. Instagram focuses on visually appealing posts. The contents are photos and videos. Recently,Instagram has started allowing a full length of 1 min videos to be uploaded. You can use this feature to a great extent to promote your business and brand. Instagram also allows businesses to opt for business profiles that provide certain extra features like insight and customer related general data analysis along with regular Instagram profile features. You should certainly take advantage of these to create better, and more customer-oriented content to attract more followers.

Guide for beginners

Like any other social media, Instagram has certain unique rules as well. There isn’t much to write on Instagram as such. It's mostly a visual content based website. But there are scopes to encourage wit and humor through one-liner, and you should utilize it whenever you can. For example, always have an interesting bio for your Instagram profile that is simple, catchy, related to your brand and if it is possible then make it funny. This will add a certain humane quality to your brand that will help in building customer faith and relation. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression when it comes to marketing and in the cutthroat business world, only a few seconds of impression can either make or break your brand. So you need to be very thoughtful and careful while writing this. Your Instagram profile should always contain an explanation of what your brand is about, and it should focus on the kind of audience you want to attract.

Promotion tactics for your Instagram profile

After you have made an interesting Instagram profile with a catchy bio, the real work begins. To get more followers and continue having a really popular Instagram profile will depend a lot on the goodwill of your brand. Always keep a formal yet friendly approach towards your followers and try to reply to all the comments whether negative or positive. Always encourage other similar profiles on their good posts. You can even follow similar profiles, and they often follow you back as a favor as well. Also, you can try collaborating and cross promotion. 

Another thing you can do is provide certain engaging actions for your followers such as, using a particular hashtag for a limited amount of time that features your brand. And then reward them for doing so with a mention and sometimes some gifts. You can even indulge customers who are not at present your customers and reward them too for participating. This way you build a friendly relation with all your followers. Also often promote certain promo codes through the link under your bio section and mention that in visually captivating posts. Also, try to come up with short and brilliant ideas for video promotion. Videos of 1 min, works wonders to attract new customers. With Like4Like you can get more likes on your Instagram profiles.


You need to be a little thoughtful and careful while creating promotional content for your business on Instagram. A little professional approach goes a long way. Always provide legitimate links and offers and live up to your quality as a brand. You may have to be patient for a while, but in the long run, it will work wonders for your brand. You can also use certain automated promoting tools but always maintain the human touch in all your contents. People relate most when they can feel that the brand cares for them. Always try to think what you can do for your customers instead of what your customers can do for you. And the benefits will return tenfold. That is the brilliance of social media.

Author bio: Josephina Thomson is a blogger and writer by choice and is famous for her captivating blogs on different topics that have inspired entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. She helps people to grow their brand popularity through social media marketing. In this article, she has discussed the many possibilities on Instagram that you can use to your advantage to promote your business online.She has highlighted Like4Like for the readers as well.

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