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Monday, 13 August 2018


From any business point of view, it is imperative to get the best talent from the market. The moment one comes up with vacancies, there are many candidates who apply for the job, and hence, it becomes tough for the recruiter to find a right profile from a bunch of applications. However, the HR team also acts smart and hence use some tools that can help it to filter the candidates and hire the best. There are tests designed by experts which can offer concrete results on the basis of which it becomes easy for the HR to hire the people. Usually, those who secure the best score are hired after the test. However, in some cases, there are also some other rounds for those who have successfully cleared one round of test. Hence the recruiter can be sure about the quality of the knowledge the concerned aspirant possesses and hire the people who can prove as an asset to the business for a long term.

It will be appropriate to say that employees are the valued asset of any company. In case the employees are outstanding at work assigned to them, they will assist the organization progress and attain new heights. To get hands on the best hire, almost all organizations utilize online pre-employment talent measurement at present and make the recruitment process efficient. This skill test aids to assess whether the contender is talented enough to carry out the certain tasks and job role. 

Within the corridors of the corporate world, the increasing inclination towards online test proctoring can be stated to be conspicuous in the area of product certification training. This method is fairly economical because it is still dependent upon real people who deliver the real session to impart training to the candidates distantly. It is usually utilized in training the candidates within the domain of BPO – business process outsourcing.


Until now, there have not come up any known problems and issues in the introduction of online proctoring or distant invigilation any place around the world. A lot of organizations keep on preserving the standard processes and ensuring that the set of rules are followed.
Online proctoring can be applied in three ways:

§  Live online proctoring

A competent proctor is needed to keep an eye on the candidates from some distant location by live video and also audio screen machines.

§  Recorded proctoring

The entire recording regarding visual plus audio after that screen shares subsequently reconsidered to see for fishy things. 

§  Completely automated proctoring

In conjugation with recording, the system also monitors the feeds to see something doubtful by way of advanced analytics.

With respect to online proctoring to turn out to be successful, it is required to be seated on some strong platform. It is deemed essential to keep up the criterion of excellence and set up intricate logistics. The ideas of digital tutoring and distant exams cannot be said to be new. They are looked upon as unconventional mediums to modernize learning concepts within education as well as corporations.

Advantages of the online proctoring

§  Big base of assessment by subjective and objective test

The hiring managers and the recruiters may obtain a big accumulation of quality tests that evaluate by online proctoring the talents of the contenders. The objective test offershuge information that the contender tends to be familiar with to be fit for the job role. Aside from this, the platform can offer a subjective test simulator which may aid the recruiters to assess the profound knowledge of the contender.  

§  Transparent & standard system

The talent measurement exam is quality and has got the standard type of queries. The answers given by the contender are auto- evaluated. Therefore, the system is completely transparent, and there happen no chances of impartiality regarding a specific contender.

§  Quantifiable measurement & reporting 

The recruiter or the employer may calculate the skills through marks. In line with the significance and structure of the queries, the marks will be assigned. A better system of reporting provides a general view of the candidate’s talent pertaining to his limitations and strong points

§  Economical

The talent test aids to cut down on the extra expenses incurred by conducting and monitoring tests. The contenders are capable of participating in the tests from anywhere in the world regardless of place if they are connected to the internet. Therefore, the necessity to have the infrastructure to conduct these tests or the need to dole out travel costs is eliminated.Online proctoring does away with the necessity of human invigilation, thus rendering the process of screening extra secure.

§  Simple to utilize

There exist software that can be stated to be simple to utilize. It is developed in such a way to let the contender and the employer feel very easy and joyful.

§  Takes less time

 In case the traditional procedures of employing were used, it might have used up the most valuable time of the hiring managers and the employers. Therefore, it is highly profitable to incorporate the online proctoring test to measure the skills of the contender. Furthermore, it eliminates the interview round to save a considerable amount of time. 

§  Trouble-free & hassle-free

Since the entire procedure of screening tends to be automated from conveying the emails to obtaining the comprehensive reports. Such automation renders the screening procedure easy with no hassle.

Disadvantages of online proctoring  

§  Validity

The test must be practically appropriate, designed to be suitable for a specific job role. For instance, a PHP developer must be well familiar with more than one PHP frameworks. In case the test does not cater to such points, it may prove futile.

§  Reliability

The measurement test for skill must show consistency both in marking and queries. The contender should not score abruptly less or more marks.

§  Guesswork is possible

In case the employer or hiring manager does depend upon objective test only, it will not give the actual snapshot of the contender. Making guesses will render the entire process undependable and invalid.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


With an advanced technology in IT sector, people have seen a boom in each and every field where the candidates tend to move around the position. Web Development has set a standard in the development of an organization. This is the most important and foremost part for running any company and to cater to target audiences. It has given more ease of functionality, it has made most of the web developers to become a part of top organizations and hence, it contributes a major part in the development of technology. So, the web developers use their policies in making web designing a major tool to execute the proper functioning of the website.
It has been made through various constructive procedures in which images, text, HTML5, CSS3 and other elements are used to present an interactive webpage. This particular position has the very scope and different opportunities are there for the candidates in which they can shine and make a wonderful career.

Many career opportunities can be taken into consideration by the candidates for a better career option which includes:

1.   Front End Developer: In this opportunity, the developer works from the client side in regard to webpage, web design and graphics that is accessible to the user for the proper functioning of the project. This kind of job profile is highly demanded in today’s scenario for the better execution dealt with the clients. It is the first engagement that is held with the client and the company.

2.   Back End Developer: This kind of profile is generally executed by the person who is involved in development which interacts with the server. These developers are specialized in several languages like PHP, Ruby, ASP.Net and many others. These developers are responsible for the back end developments in which they need to deliver the simplified solution to the clients. It is indeed a very tough job to execute and at the same, these developers are paid highly.

3.  Web Application Developer: In this section of web development, the candidate has to cop up with the process of web designing and web development. This jobs are in current trend and do favor candidates mostly who have knowledge of all web development frameworks. Considering its scope, it has changed and developed drastically as compared to other opportunities for the candidates.

4.  UI Designer: It specializes in those candidates who have the capability to present and interact with the products they design. This job opportunity requires the creation of wireframes, building mood boards, and better hands on Photoshop or Sketch. With its great impact on technology, it has provided various measures so as to ascertain growth in this field with high salary package.

5. Web Marketing Analyst: This is the most preferred job by the candidates nowadays. After you gain some years of experience in web development field, here comes the opportunity to become an analyst. These types of jobs are in abundant form one needs to grab and be a part of top companies. 

If you want to have a successful career and want to see growth in living standard and expertise in a particular field, then the above-mentioned option will land you in a better position than ever. Start searching for the Philippines job vacancies because each day thousands of jobs are posted on the job portal of Monster Philippines. Candidates need to visit the website and applies accordingly. Get engaged with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others with updated information about qualification, profile, and other necessary attachments. These job portals also allow the facility of resume uploading in which candidates can forward their well-drafted resume and get job alerts at regular intervals via emails, text, calls and other methods.

Monday, 23 April 2018


Account is an art which includes several processes at a time such as measuring, processing, and communicating financial information of business entities. It is often been called as the ‘vocabulary of business’ as it interprets the outcome of organization’s economic activities and distribution of information to the shareholders, creditors, management and regulatory bodies. The field of Accountant is not limited; it is further divided in to several parts such as financial, management, tax, cost Accountant, internal and external auditing etc. Various kinds of Accountant help in understanding the financial position of the organization to the management itself and to the external users like shareholders, creditors, and regulators. One who is inspired to become an accountant must be familiar with the different Accountant standards. This standard provides the pattern which should be followed while delivering out the financial position of the company by an accountant. The work of the professional is to record when money of the company is earned or spent in the company book called the ledger. At the end of every year when this book is audited, it shows whether the company has made any profit, who owes money to a company and to whom company owes money. Each and every monetary transaction can be found in this ledger book.
Here are some of the various types of Accountant jobs which are in high demand:
1.     Book-keeper/ Entry level Accountant:
In this, a professional has to records financial transactions on daily basis. They carry the responsibility of recording every purchase, sales, receipt, and payments on the daybooks. All transactions whether cash or credit should be recorded in the correct ledger and it is the responsibility of the book-keeper to ensure it. The accountant can prepare an income statement and balance sheet of the company from the books maintained by the book-keeper. Professional should be familiar with standard methods of bookkeeping that is single entry book-keeping and double entry book-keeping.
2.                 Financial Analyst:
The work of financial analyst is to study the behavior of a market. They examine the data which has been collected from the market and helps the company in making business decisions. The research work of the specialist includes the conditions macroeconomics as well as microeconomics; it helps in making a prediction of the sectors of business. They help them to work efficiently and effectively at lower cost. They can pin-point in which region the company is making a profit and where they are suffering loss.
3.                 Internal Auditors
They are the employees of the company who provides an independent and objective evaluation of company’s business activities. They also evaluate the operational efficiencies and they report to the higher management stating that how to improve the overall structure and activities of the business. The work of an internal auditor is to investigate the internal fraud, ensuring compliance with standard business procedures of the firm, to recommend improvement among the business units, verifying and protecting the assets.
4.                 Payroll Clerk
The work of a payroll clerk is to ensure that the employees of the company get there pay timely and accurately. They have to double check that the payroll is related to yearly salaries, hourly wages, overtime as well as vacation and sick leaves. They have to ensure that proper amount of tax has been deducted from the employees pay and should answer employees payment related questions. They have to make sure that the employee’s pay has been delivered to them through the mail or given in the office or directly credited to employee’s bank account.
5.                 Senior Accountant
They are the hotshots of the Accountant job. They are basically the Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s); there work is to help companies to improve their economic structure, mainly through on-time financial reports and counsel. Basically, a senior accountant needs a lot of experience and should possess a good leadership skill.
With the growth of financial market and structure, top companies required a skilled and efficient accountant, whose vision can benefit in sustaining the competition from different competitors and companies longevity. Monster Singapore provides valuable job openings for the candidate looking for a brief career in Accountant job in Singapore.

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