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3 Most Effective Hair Growth Products for Weak, Thinning Hair

hair fall treatment

A healthy and strong hair is a necessity rather than a choice, and to make it stronger, one has to strictly follow a routine for taking proper care of it. Apart from heredity that affects the quality of hair to the environment that can have a worse effects, one has to use proper products that suits their hair and provide the required washes, no more no less. One cannot leave the hair for falling off or in dirty conditions where dandruff build its home.

 To take care of hair, you should follow a regime just like you do for your skin or health. A hair fall treatment includes the use of right products, a healthy diet and proper cleanliness. If not followed strictly, it can lead to thinning of hair and ultimately baldness.

Here, we have recommendation for few products that you can add to your lost of hair-care items. Check out below.

Best 3 products for hair

Oil: Know the value of oil when it comes to hair. Oil can do almost anything and everything. From preparing the damaged hair strand to providing nutrients and enhancing the quality. Oiling hair regularly provides the nutrients, moisture and other essentials, plus promotes hair growth. It is important to at least, oil your hair once a week.

Shampoo: Many individual, especially guys don’t really shampoo hair too often. But shampooing hair whenever needed is very important as to cleans the scalp before the dirt accumulate to form white flakes known as dandruff. Also, there are anti-hair fall shampoo available in the market just like the anti-dandruff ones. So you have a variety to choose from.

Anti-hair fall serum: It is a liquid cosmetic product that is mainly used after washing the hair, for a proper hair styling and also reducing hair fall. Hair serum ae also available in a number of ingredients mixes and can provide amazing results if used properly. A hair serum can also reduce hair fall and hair thinning if it is made with right ingredients. Normally, fenugreek and moringa combination makes the best choice for hair fall. Furthermore, hair fall serum can treat frizzy and dry hair, help to maintain a manageable hairstyle and prevents hair coming directly in contact with pollution and dirt. And it also prevents hair thinning and weakening that causes hair fall.

When to use these products

It is common that you should always use oil, shampoo as a part of hair care routine. Plus hair serum comes after shampooing hair, so you can have a clear idea when to use what. Normally, hair oiling should be done once a week, at least. Oiling reduces stress as well, so more than once wouldn’t harm. Yet, some people have naturally oily scalp hence they would require it once a week.

When it comes to shampooing, it totally depend on the condition of your hair. If you have more outdoor work, then it is likely that your hair gets dirty very easily. In that case, maximum time you can shampoo is thrice a week. Notice one thing, shampooing hair should not be done every day since it can turn the scalp and root weaker and hair silkier. So, always keep one day in hand before going for anther hair wash.

Next comes the hair serum, which can be applied whenever you shampoo the hair or feel extreme dry and frizzy hair condition. Hair fall serum will provide rescue from a number of problems. It makes combing easier and maintain hairstyle would be way easier. Moreover, it can also be used if you are not feeling like shampooing at all. It will provide the shine and hold that your hair require to look well-groomed.

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