Monday, 24 December 2018

Introducing Smart Apps by AppBrowzer

We are fascinated by technology as a species. This is no truer with the introduction of Mobiles devices. It has captured our hearts and minds since its humble beginning. Over the past years, it has got a new term. In comes the ‘smartphone’. Smartphones have been in the spotlight ever since the first iPhone was unveiled back in 2011. However, what makes a smartphone ‘smart’ is the applications it hosts. These applications can be found in stores such as Google play store and apple store that has the majority share, almost 95% of all mobile apps. Mobile applications have served users for various use cases. It has instilled a sense of power to the user with the number of apps available. The largest store that hosts mobile application at the moment, the Google Play Store currently has over 2 million apps. Now that is a lot of apps! The vast options for users to choose from are both a luxury and a pain point. The focus of this is blog is to talk about the pain point.

So what can be the pain in all this? Well, on an average, a user owning a mobile device has about 35 or less. This is clearly a huge contrast to the total number of apps on the play store. The onus is on the app developer to bring it to the forefront in the midst of the chaos in the app world. Users stick to only the popular or well-advertised apps, which is a small number. Mobile users spend well over 2 hours daily on their smartphones, most of the time on apps. Each category has an average of 4-5 top apps in the region of shopping, social media, travel, leisure, games and so on. With so many Native apps on the smartphone, that would correspond to users constantly switching between these top apps at regular intervals. That sparked a thought process in Bengaluru based AppBrowzer. The need of the hour is to bring something fresh to the smartphone, and that’s smart apps!

Smart Apps on AppBrowzer

Before we can talk about smart apps. We will have to solve the pain point of native apps. The only approach right now is to have all the apps in one place. Think about it, imagine all your apps with just a tap. That’s exactly what the AppBrowzer app does. It's the one-stop solution all apps. Now let’s get straight to the point, what are Smart Apps? These are carefully researched categories within the AppBrowzer app. Each category contains several top apps however they are all hosted under AppBrowzer app. Users need not switch between apps, all the apps in AppBrowzer are now a click away. Smart apps come with their own specialities and features. These smart apps come with super fast processing, highly reliable and as engaging as the native app. Which means you get the same or even better experience as the native apps.

Here is a list of Smart Apps in AppBrowzer:

-       Smart Shopping: with smart shopping, you get instant access to all the top shopping apps. What’s more, the interface is designed to allow you to swipe, to compare between apps. It’s a must-have for all shopaholics.
-       Smart Social: have you ever imagined if you could get Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter in one place. Well, that is exactly smart social on AppBrowzer! Here again, you get instant access to all your social media handles with a simple swipe.
-       Smart Travel: travelling and booking tickets has never been easier. Now with smart travel, you can enter your travel details and get results across multiple travel platforms like MakeMyTrip and ClearTrip.
-       Smart Food: order your favourite food home from top players like Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy. Again with a simple swipe, you get all these apps.
-       Smart Deals: get the best deals around you with smart deals from Little app and
-       Smart Hotels: book your stay while you travel with Smart Hotels. Here you get several results from different platforms.

Technology is advancing by the minute. Users are constantly looking for the next advancement. In essence the Smartphones today need to become more ‘smart’. The Bengaluru based startup believes Smart Apps are the answer to this notion. According to Co-Founder Venkatesh Rao, he quotes- “This is the next-generation of apps that we all need”. The AppBrowzer app is available for download on the play store and is backed up with 4.4 rating and over 300k installs as of today.

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