Tuesday, 18 September 2018

How this Respected NYPD Cop Became a ‘Brothel Ringleader’

When he started his career in enforcing the law, he was the perfect police - a former military person who put himself in a new job on street patrol for the 84th money of Berkeley Highs.

10 years ago, Loddog Paz was killed in an instant success by an ugly divorce and an open gay decision.He told the financial hit, his fellow colleagues to the post, they started to spoil them on the way to avoid danger - last week, as a result, its massive monster and gambling racket had their mastermind's name.

A former colleague recalled, "He did not recognize," he started searching for songs.
He mentioned the divorce of a divorce from his wife Sonia in 2007.

"The divorce changed it."

The Cayes Village's 51, paz, is a retired deputy detective, which now the prosecutor claimed how he used to use Westlele in Queens, Brooklyn and Restated.

Some, prosecutors say that Paz was warned about the next raid.

The alleged alleged baililly channel of the Paz included a dirty apartment in Budford-Stewistant, Brokenen, where a red dormitory was served on a spotlight Learn Tech News.

This is far from the beginning of the paz with NYPD in 1990.

Paz was considered a respected, "yes, sir" a man, missed a former supervisor.

Paz, at least the ancient tomb, Ecuador, with a 84-year-old companion, Robinbaby's Robbie, with great resistance.

"She was picked up because she was short, and she does not look like Latinos from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic," said former boss, who was not named by name.

"They will say, 'what, did you work in a pizzeria before?' So they prepared instincts. He gave him the right path, and he was learning faster. "By 2007, Paz and his wife were parents - it's not clear how many children they had done - and stay in the underground floor apartment in Ozone Park, Queens.

On June 15 this year, Sonia sued her husband for divorce, and the court records showed that she became ugly.

The pads, who represent themselves, fought the tune.

In the next year, the record appears, they fought at the cost of their property, and a party demanded a ban against others.

He also fought with "medical child aid", in which the brook judge ordered the payback to pay for divorce on April 22, 2008.

Soon the PID's Navy PDD Patch was hit with automatic prevalent deductions.

Former boss said, "Those who get divorced people" work for the Nine NPDP, "the city takes money to help its capital."

The paz started searching for surroundings in the moonlight - but to find work, at least, at least struggle.

He said "he was stuck," he said.

Another former co-worker added, "Paz was always a statue to find a way to make money."In June June 2009, in the brooken, Bob 13 was claimed for bankruptcy, about a year after the divorce record was recorded.But the passage, which represented itself again, also helped the court of record display.
A bankruptcy judge has rejected the files within three months, after which Paz failed to reject the necessary paperwork.

Next year, Navy retired from PPP to Persia.

It is not clear that shortly after retirement, the paz has allegedly been launched completely in coil management.

At the time of his capture, though, his well-kept, white, two stories were living high at home at Paz and his new wife, Elizabeth Palletta, High Cannes village in Hans.

The prosecutor alleged that the couple got $ 2 million in August 2016 and September 2017.

Parlata and her two adult daughters who lived with a couple were also arrested in the investigation. Daughters, jurasses gauzman, 22 and threshold gazman 20, no guarantee was released.

Paz and Paralta were being held for him $ 525,000 bond and $ 400,000 bond.

A neighbor told the week on Saturday,

"These were expensive cars - SUV and Mercedes - children were parking space, to stop the drive."Neighbor said luxury cars were as much as "they did not park them." "People started complaining."
  • Shortly ago, a white range rover was added to the collection.
  • A neighbor said, "It was a 'wow' thing, and all the children stopped watching it.
  • Another neighbor added, "I only assumed that he was a car dealer.
  • "You never know how people come in," he added.
  • Predictions and daughters took designer dresses and designer handbags, neighbors rebelled.
  • Prartha "looks good, designer clothes, designer bags. I've seen it in Louis Vivitan" and Goki, a neighbor said.
  • He said he was not a very neighbor, adding, "They do not meet anyone."

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