Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Get your Best Lenovo Technology Today – This is the Best for All

When it comes to gadgets Lenovo is among the leading brands. It is a multinational company, it started in 20th century and started with personal computer and now had grown wildly in the world. In today’s world, it is impossible to be stable without technologies. And it is also hard to maintain all kind of technical work at the same time.

We need a good physical system that will work for all our daily purposes.

A helping hand with multiple features. Lenovo is launching new gadgets with the requirement of the world. An operating system of windows 10, which is the best operating system and this operating system have various other good features within itself. Display resolution is of 1920*1080 pixels. The light weight of this gadget makes it easy to portrait.

Lenovo with various features and smooth functioning. Lenovo is launching new laptops with various new features. As of Lenovo Z51-70 the physical appearance is of 14 inch of screen size with IPS LCD display and including antiglare screen technology, full HD. This feature is making the appearance more attractive. If you want to buy a handsome gadget with multitasking performance then go for it.

Of Lenovo ThinkPad 480 it have a dual sterol speaker setup and also a smart audio speaker setup, this is an extra benefits of buying it. Talking about battery it contains 4 billon cells resulting in good battery backup, working up to 6 hours when it is once charged. Here you can easily portrait it and work without having much issues of charging. It supports Bluetooth networking with 4.0 versions, WAN network. Storage capacity of 1Tetra Bite and expandable memory up to 16 GB.

At a reasonable price you get all in one place, the laptops are suitable for official works as well as for other works like gaming or entertainments purpose.

Comparing with the rest laptops Dell provides within the budgets and give various features,

When dell is giving a laptop  of 77000 with no touch screen and of 2.3 kg and of no HD display at the same time Lenovo is giving it with a lighter weight with HD display and of screen touch screen. Battery backup of 7 hours in dell and 10 hours in Lenovo. This is what at reasonable price you should go for after you compare laptop prices. Dell Gives you a RAM speed of 1600mgh and same time Lenovo gives you of2133 mgh. Dell gives a battery life of 4 hours and Lenovo gives of 6 hours.

HP pavilion of around the same price provides primary storage ssd capacity of 128 gb and same in Lenovo gives you of 256 gb. 3 cell in hp where as 4 cell in Lenovo making it more lasting for work.

With dual stereo speaker and smart audio speaker Lenovo is covering huge range in market, as launching with its new features it is among the leading brand in world. Covering all the requirements at the same time is a big thing to handle. And Lenovo is growing high here.

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