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Is It Time To Renovate Your Bedroom?

Is It Time To Renovate Your Bedroom?

Are you looking around your bedroom and not feeling very enthused by what you are seeing? Do you get the feeling that your bedroom no longer transmits the same energy? Are you becoming increasingly worried and bored by what you deem to be a stale design? If you are already battling with similar thoughts in your head, now might be a great time to give your bedroom a makeover.

Remodelling your bedroom will enable you to refurbish a space that has now become outdated, which at the same time will provide you with a healthy return on investment of about 40-80%. But, if you want to be able to maintain your sanity through the entire process, you will have to be well prepared both financially and mentally. Anybody who has been through a remodel before will tell you the same thing.

Any refurbishment project involving your bedroom will be comprised of a number of little details. By setting up a budget, deciding on a design and hiring an interior designer in advance, you can stay organised and be in-tune with every stage of the project. Planning ahead of time will help you convey a clear vision of what your remodelled room should look like to your contractor. Additionally, it will ensure that you end up saving money in the long run.

So, to help you get started here are some of our best tips for remodelling your bedroom:

If You Are Looking For A Quick Resale, Opt For A Classic Style

An over personalised or cool design is okay, as long as you are remodelling the room for yourself. But, if you want to sell the house after the remodelling work is done, you will need to opt for a more traditional or classic design layout to attract buyers.  You have got to put yourself in the mind of a potential buyer and try to understand what they might want from a bedroom. Popular remodelling ideas include:

·         Multiple outlets
·         A bathroom suite
·         Walk in closets that also boast a lot of storage space
·         Lot of natural lighting options

Double Check Your Measurements

One of the biggest mistakes you could make during your remodelling is if you end up being off with your measurements. Any inaccurate measurement, no matter how infinitesimally small it might seem at first, could end up being disastrous as it will lead you buy materials in the wrong sizes or amount. In such instances a general rule of thumb is to double check your measurements and at the same time verify it with the measurements taken by another, neutral candidate.

Give More Thought To Adding Space

You won’t get a better opportunity than a remodel to add to the total square footage of your home. If there is extra area outside your home, you could tear down the wall and expand the space available into your bedroom. This extra space might finally allow you to add those walk in closets you have always wanted, but never had enough room for till now. However, it is important to check that you are adhering to local zoning regulations before you carry out this extension.

Now, if you don’t have a lot of space to work with outside, you could combine your bedroom with an adjacent room and carry out the expansion. Combining existing rooms or spaces in a home is widely considered a time tested and economical remodelling option.

If your budget allows for it, you could ask your contractor or interior designer to add another floor to your house, and convert your bedroom into a very large master bedroom. It is important to note that this option can only be considered if the buildings construction is stable enough. So, make sure that you check with a professional before you press ahead with this plan.

Determine Your Budget

Once you zero-in on the renovations you want to make to your bedroom, set up a budget that takes into account all important expenditures such as materials, tools, products and your contractor’s fee. Communicate your estimated budget to your contractor and make sure that you’re both on the same page with respect to the renovations that can be carried out within your budget.

Budgets for remodelling projects differ based on the features as well as the size of the desired alterations. You can try something as basic as repainting or replacing fixtures, or if your budget can cover it, you could opt for something more extravagant like adding a new balcony or heated floors.

Also, it is important to remember that unexpected expenses are bound to crop up during the renovation such as fixing water damage or combating problems caused due to a mold infestation.  Ensure that you budget for such expenses beforehand so that you are not caught unawares later.

Regardless of the fact that it is the first or last alteration you intend to make to your home, you can increase the value of your property and at the same time live in a more cosy space by carrying out a small, but simple renovation.

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