Thursday, 30 August 2018


The charity foundation of Mr. Utemuratov will take an active part in the reconstruction of the Main Botanical Garden in Almaty. It is assumed that the foundation will allocate about $ 15 million for this social project.

The decision to create a unique protected reserve, intended also for scientific research, was taken in the 1930s. Over the next 60 years, the Almaty Botanic Garden (its present name was given in 1965), the area of which originally was 108 hectares, was actively developing. On its basis, the soil-botanical institute and nine laboratories for the cultivation and protection of crops were established. The botanical garden staff managed to build a collection of rare, including endangered, plants not only in Kazakhstan, but also from European countries, East Asia and North America.

At the beginning of XXI century, the garden was threatened with destruction, but thanks to the status of the protected area, obtained in 2006, it was preserved. Nowadays the main botanical garden of Kazakhstan needs serious renovation – the last time it was reconstructed in the 1950s, and since then “the lungs of the city”, as the townspeople call this oasis, was not given proper attention. The funds allocated from the state budget, according to the executive staff of the Almaty oasis, are barely enough only for the maintenance of the reserve and its obsolete infrastructure, modernization requires more funds. Bulat Utemuratov promised his patronage to the botanical garden. Controlled by one of the most influential businessman of Kazakhstan, the investment group of companies Verny Capital has already presented the concept of the forthcoming reconstruction.

Preliminary master plan of garden modernization is coordinated with the management of reserve, and the final reconstruction project is promised to be prepared by September 2018. It is assumed that all planned work related to the improvement of the reserve’s infrastructure will take up to two years. National biologists, architects and landscapes designers, as well as specialists from Portugal, Poland, Russia will be helping to renovate the main republican garden. Representatives of Utemuratov charity foundation during the discussion of the project with the public promised to ensure maximum transparency. Tracking the work on the reconstruction of the botanical garden will be possible during quarterly press tours.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Holiday, feeling when you listen that we are going for holiday and planning for tours to visit India. India is a paradise for holiday planners. And when the things come to spent your holiday with your kids, then this adds warmth to your smile of holiday and then you try to go the extent to make your child happy and you start finding best ideal places that your kids can get knowledge to their holiday spots .So then you start taking that which places can give your kids fun with good knowledge. This is not easy to decide but India is a home of lot of holiday spots like hill stations, museums and national parks, snowfalls and many more things which will help you to plan your ideal holiday. So here are some ideal places where you can get ideal trip for kids.

Museum Tour
If you are planning for kid’s ideal holiday so this is the best place for your kids. Because this is historical places and it is necessary for your kids to know the history of India and cultural and many more things to increase the knowledge of your children. There are many museums in India, where you can plan for .but when it comes to your kids this is crucial to decide the best place. Because they are not always exciting to go for museums with your kids for holiday. Some kid’s friendly museum is puppet museums in Udaipur (Rajasthan), Rail museum (Delhi), Science museum etc.

Cultural places:
Culture and festivals of India can be a good teacher for your kids and make your tour ideal. Many places like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, Uttrakhand etc. Gujarat is famous for it’s ran utsav for national festival independence day which can build up patriotism in your kids for nation. Pushkar fair in Rajasthan (you can get puppet show also). Onam & boat race in Kerala (as shown in Baaghi Bollywood movie). Uttrakhand, if you want to introduce your kids with spirituality of India.

Adventure activity
Making a plan to go for advent ours place can make your holiday trip so memorable. Because mountains are the real beauty of India, where you can do many adventurous things with your children and can make a trip very knowledgeable for your kids. So you must plan once for your children idea holiday. Like kafri (Himachal Pradesh) natural national park,

Picnic with family:
Picnic spots are very friendly with kids, and this is ideal for both parents and kids. Because this gives a priceless movement for a family. If they are thinking to spent some time together. Some picnic spots are lodhi gardens, Nehru Park that are in Delhi.

Religious tours
Religious tours represents the divinity, it shows the natural beauty of India in the face of spirituality, the heritage of India. You can provide your kids values of life from these places. And then they can get start thinking about the existence of this world. Who created this world? In this tour you can tell the colours of every religious people like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians.

You can’t plan your trip without thinking about monuments or heritage of India. And it is better first to make a mind map that if we are planning tour for our kids so It is necessary to tell them about their our nation rather than other country . Undoubtedly this world is filled with many adventurous places things but it is better to know your own country than others. Some monuments are like Agra ka Taj Mahal, Humanyu ka Makbara, Gateway of India, India Gate, Kutubminar, Charminar etc.

Zoos & botanical gardens:
India has many parks and zoos in numbers. So it is very easy to plan a trip for your kids that can make your kid’s trip very special and ideal. Like Airpore zoological park (Kolkata, West Bengal), Natural national park (Himachal Pradesh), zoological park of Patna. Because India has blessed with many wildlife parks. So you can plan anything which is useful and ideal for kids.

There are many ridings for adventure like horse riding, boat riding and bike riding. It is upto you that which ride can be good for your kids. But this ride is very famous for all aged groups are horse riding. So it can be an ideal trip for your kids. Some horse riding destinations are Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and many more.

Water activities & swimming:
It can be a different fun for your kids if you arrange these activities for kids to make their holiday ideal. You can get these types of activities in hill stations (natural lake) and man- made lake. Delhi is filled with many water parks like Worlds of wonder, Noida (Where you can family entertainment rides, amusement park, Water Park). Aapno ghar water and amusement park, Adventure Island.

Plan an ice skatting activity for your kids which is fun filled which teaches body-alignment, flexibility and co-ordination to your kids. Here are some name of hill stations where you can plan your kids’ trip for skatting Patnitop (j&k, it is a very popular spot for religious people, where you can take the feeling of both the things temples and skatting in snow) some others are like Auli, munsiyari.

Monday, 27 August 2018


As the new Autumn-Winter collection of 2018 is in the zone, it will not be long as the Spring-Summer collection of 2019 sets in. Recently, the new forecasts for the new Spring-Summer fashion trends have come out and we can't wait to tell you all about it. The forecast for next year sees four new types namely: The Valley, Santa Fe, Bodhi and Summit. Based on the styles, prints, patterns and colours forecasted, here is a new list of Kerry Parker products that are definitely worth an investment for you 2019 Spring–Summer Wardrobe.   

Floral Fantasy Bralette: Bralettes have been featured by ‘The Valley' collection as forecasted. It is an all-time favourite of fashionistas. This item has been sported by the likes of Gigi Hadid, BeyoncĂ©, Zendaya and the list goes on.  It is a very versatile piece of clothing this padded bralettethat can be styled with almost anything. Pair it up with a monochrome blazer and trouser set to give off the boss-lady look. Or take this sexy padded bralette for a spin with a sequinned skirt and womens pumps. You can also try it with high waisted jeans or boot-cut trousers in pastel shades.

Camo Faux Leather Mini Skirts: This apparel from Kerry Parker suffices two fashion quotas from two of the forecasted collections, first the style ‘Mini Skirt’ from ‘The Valley collection and second the camo print style seen in utility pants which are again part of the ‘Bodhi' collection. It sports a very versatile print which has been flaunted by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and many more. Pair it up with a tucked in oversized jersey and sneakers or a white padded braletteand combat boots. You could also go with a noodle strap crop top and a pair of gorgeous womens pumps.[G1] 

Butterfly Trail Tulle Strappy Dress a.k.a Slip dress:  This item from Kerry Parker is no new thing to a fashion veteran but if you don’t know, then here is that it’s all: It is a classic fashion apparel that has withstood through time. This item is such that it can be paired with almost anything and still look decent and put-together. The classic slip dress has made a comeback in the Spring-Summer 2019 with its ‘Santa Fe’ collection. Add on a pair of white boots or ivory jewel studded womens pumps and a balanced statement jacket and you are good to go. 

Power Shirt: The oversized shirt has made a comeback with ‘The Summit’ collection Of Spring-Summer 2019. This evergreen style is a must-have for every individual. Style it up with PVC Belts over the shirt and pleated skirt. The floral detailing on the pocket makes it look a class apart. One can also try pairing it up with plaid trousers and belt bags with a pair of minimal strap pump to give your outfit an edgier look. 

Being ahead of style and fashion is a good habit to indulge in since it helps us as consumers to buy less but quality products that will last for a long time and fashion seasons. That is how you become a smart trend follower and a better anti-fast fashion follower.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Today our work has developed in a way that we need to meet the deadlines, and pleasing our bosses is one of the important tasks. We all bounce between night shifts and day shifts of the work we do. This has led us to forget the time to take rest. The only time we get is after our shift of work is over. This time is very precious to people like us. This calls for a good and right mattress for the limited time of taking rest. There is no specific scientific reasoning behind the right mattress. But there are some tips which can be beneficial in this case.

There are some people who do not even realize that the time for changing their mattress has arrived. Therefore they use the unchanged ones for longer period of time. This leads to nothing but sleeplessness. People keep on rotating in their bed throughout the night without getting the right reason behind it. This may further lead to serious health hazards.

Insomnia or deprive of sleep has become the most common thing in people today. This is a condition in which people lack enough sleep. This further leads to dizziness and thus makes them unready the following day. This is always unhealthy and disadvantageous as people cannot produce the right amount of work. Fatigue, anxiety and insomnia have become the ruler of their working lives. This can cause real harm to people leading to loss of weight, degeneration of cells, and loss of blood.

The right mattress for proper sleep

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that a mattress can check their sleeping habits. There are some who does not believe it to be true. But this will not change the fact. A person must be aware of why a mattress is responsible for a better health and sleep. The following are some of the scientifically approved reasons of why it is necessary to choose the right mattress.

      Right mattress for keeping insects away – Nowadays people are very busy with their work. They even work for an extended amount of time. After such a hectic schedule of working hours it definitely calls for the day off. A proper rest is required after a tiring day like this. But people fail to change their mattress after the period of changing has already passed and continue using the old one. These old mattress are the home to insects such as mites, pollen and many more. There is also an accumulation of dust and dirt in the old mattress. All this collectively results in unhealthy health. It not only affects you but your children as well.  The trojans present in the old mattress makes way to enter the body causing health issues such as, allergies, fever, infections and some other chronic diseases.

      Back pain relief mattress – People of middle age groups mainly suffers from pain on their back and legs as well. This generally occurs because of the use of an old mattress which is not perfect for them. A mattress which is firm in shape and gives the support which is required to get relief shall be availed. A scientifically approved mattress for the perfect posture shall be bought to avoid the pain that is causing sleep deprivation.

      Use mattresses made of latex – The mattress used earlier were usually made of foam. Foam acts as a good absorber of heat. It traps the heat that evolves from the body and creates humidity. The humidity provides the perfect atmosphere for the mites to grow. This may cause allergy. So, it is better to choose a mattress made of latex. Latex will avoid the mites from growing and thus, making you way for sound sleeps.

      Mattress to prevent snoring – There are some mattresses which can be adjusted. This helps people to prevent the problem of snoring. These mattresses are so made that it provides with the perfect cushioning. This helps to prevent snore.

      Protection against spine injury – The people who have spine injuries find it difficult to sleep in a bouncy bed. Therefore it is very important for them to change the old mattress and replace it with an air mattress.

Saturday, 18 August 2018


Cakes are delicious and there is hardly any person who hates to have a bite of this deliciousness.
Cakes always have a great presence in any happy occasion; be it a birthday party or a marriage anniversary or any kind of celebrations. One can think of onlinecake delivery of they want to send good wishes to their near ones.

But before that, one needs to know a little bit of story about the origin of the cake and how this all started.

The word Cake has a Viking origin. Those who are more curious to know about the origin of cakes should know the fact that the word cake originally comes from the word Kaka. It is said by many food historians that the world’s famous bakers were the ancient Egyptians. They used to bake the cake on hot stones. Have you ever thought why cakes are fluffy and round? This is because; it was made of unused breads which were 2-3days old. Natural yeasts were used to give the cake a flat top.
Romans also started baking a long time back where they used salts and wheat to form small cakes. There was a kind of barley bread available which the groom used to eat during the time of wedding ceremony and then he would break the rest of the bread over the bride’s head. They used to think it is a happy symbol of a married life.

But to make fluffy cakes, people started using whipping eggs in the batter. But this concept came much later, in the 18th century. During that period of time, the baking powder and the baking soda were also invented and sugar (another main ingredient of cake recipe) came into the scene as well. Then the cake ovens were discovered where one used to bake cakes by regulating temperature. So baking cake became easier post 18th century.

The first ever birthday cake was made in Germany in Middle Ages. This is because; way back then, only Germans used to celebrate a child’s birthday and used to make a cake which they used to call by the name Kinder fest. But the cake that was made, mainly looked like a bread but it tasted much sweeter than the actual bread.

Cakes can actually be easily baked at home. One has to arrange all the exact amount of ingredients and all in proper portions. They have to be very careful when they are using the baking powder. The margarine or the butter that one chooses to take in the recipe has to be on high fat content (at least 75 percent of fat, if not more). One must make sure that the butter they are using as an ingredient should be kept at the room temperature, so that it can be consistent. One has to keep all their ingredients ready in front of them before you start the baking procedure.


Locks are common in our daily lives. It is an essential barely noticed because it is always there. We use it every day, and it helps us in so many ways, but we do not know much about it. Locks and keys date back to the ancient ages. The history of locksmithing dates as far back as 400 years ago in Babylon and Ancient Egypt. It is surprising, right? It is not just remarkable; it is also fascinating. 

Learning about the origins of keys and locks and how they evolved to the ones we use now is an exciting topic. However, the fact remains that ancient locksmiths and modern locksmiths Houston are all skilled in their profession. Without them, we won’t have current locks to use. There are different types of existing locks that are in use today, all are useful, but the level of protection they offer varies.

The Padlocks

The padlock is the only portable lock in existence. You can bring it everywhere and use it at will. It doesn’t have to stay in just one place. Therefore, even if it is the oldest type, it is still trendy despite the release of other modern types. There are two types of a padlock; we have the keyed and the keyless lock. The first one, as the name implies, makes use of a key. There are two types of keys used here. You can remove the first one when the lock is open wherein the other is retained in the pad when it is unlocked; Moreover, the second type used is one that doesn’t require any keys. It is also called the combination padlock. All you need to do is input a series of numbers in the right sequence for the lock to open.

The Knob Locks

The knob locks are the most popular type used in residential houses. They are standard for both external and internal doors. There are two sides to this; one can be rotated and placed on the interior part. When locked, you can open it by turning the knob. The other hand has a cylinder. You can only open the lock from this side by using a key.

The Deadbolts

You can often see deadbolts with knob locks. They act as secondary locks on external doors. These are prevalent in residential structures. It consists of a rotating cylinder that contains a bolt. The bolt is driven on the door frame to lock. It can only be retracted when you rotate the rotating cylinder through the use of a key. It is considered to be one of the most secure types of lock, however; they are not immune to lock picking. It is still wise to have at least two kinds of a lock system for external doors for added protection.

The Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are one of the safest and most secure locks you can install at home. It consists of two different kinds of locks put together in one device. It is a lever handle type of lock combined with a deadbolt. You can find them in offices and other commercial structures.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Is It Time To Renovate Your Bedroom?

Are you looking around your bedroom and not feeling very enthused by what you are seeing? Do you get the feeling that your bedroom no longer transmits the same energy? Are you becoming increasingly worried and bored by what you deem to be a stale design? If you are already battling with similar thoughts in your head, now might be a great time to give your bedroom a makeover.

Monday, 13 August 2018


From any business point of view, it is imperative to get the best talent from the market. The moment one comes up with vacancies, there are many candidates who apply for the job, and hence, it becomes tough for the recruiter to find a right profile from a bunch of applications. However, the HR team also acts smart and hence use some tools that can help it to filter the candidates and hire the best. There are tests designed by experts which can offer concrete results on the basis of which it becomes easy for the HR to hire the people. Usually, those who secure the best score are hired after the test. However, in some cases, there are also some other rounds for those who have successfully cleared one round of test. Hence the recruiter can be sure about the quality of the knowledge the concerned aspirant possesses and hire the people who can prove as an asset to the business for a long term.

It will be appropriate to say that employees are the valued asset of any company. In case the employees are outstanding at work assigned to them, they will assist the organization progress and attain new heights. To get hands on the best hire, almost all organizations utilize online pre-employment talent measurement at present and make the recruitment process efficient. This skill test aids to assess whether the contender is talented enough to carry out the certain tasks and job role. 

Within the corridors of the corporate world, the increasing inclination towards online test proctoring can be stated to be conspicuous in the area of product certification training. This method is fairly economical because it is still dependent upon real people who deliver the real session to impart training to the candidates distantly. It is usually utilized in training the candidates within the domain of BPO – business process outsourcing.


Until now, there have not come up any known problems and issues in the introduction of online proctoring or distant invigilation any place around the world. A lot of organizations keep on preserving the standard processes and ensuring that the set of rules are followed.
Online proctoring can be applied in three ways:

§  Live online proctoring

A competent proctor is needed to keep an eye on the candidates from some distant location by live video and also audio screen machines.

§  Recorded proctoring

The entire recording regarding visual plus audio after that screen shares subsequently reconsidered to see for fishy things. 

§  Completely automated proctoring

In conjugation with recording, the system also monitors the feeds to see something doubtful by way of advanced analytics.

With respect to online proctoring to turn out to be successful, it is required to be seated on some strong platform. It is deemed essential to keep up the criterion of excellence and set up intricate logistics. The ideas of digital tutoring and distant exams cannot be said to be new. They are looked upon as unconventional mediums to modernize learning concepts within education as well as corporations.

Advantages of the online proctoring

§  Big base of assessment by subjective and objective test

The hiring managers and the recruiters may obtain a big accumulation of quality tests that evaluate by online proctoring the talents of the contenders. The objective test offershuge information that the contender tends to be familiar with to be fit for the job role. Aside from this, the platform can offer a subjective test simulator which may aid the recruiters to assess the profound knowledge of the contender.  

§  Transparent & standard system

The talent measurement exam is quality and has got the standard type of queries. The answers given by the contender are auto- evaluated. Therefore, the system is completely transparent, and there happen no chances of impartiality regarding a specific contender.

§  Quantifiable measurement & reporting 

The recruiter or the employer may calculate the skills through marks. In line with the significance and structure of the queries, the marks will be assigned. A better system of reporting provides a general view of the candidate’s talent pertaining to his limitations and strong points

§  Economical

The talent test aids to cut down on the extra expenses incurred by conducting and monitoring tests. The contenders are capable of participating in the tests from anywhere in the world regardless of place if they are connected to the internet. Therefore, the necessity to have the infrastructure to conduct these tests or the need to dole out travel costs is eliminated.Online proctoring does away with the necessity of human invigilation, thus rendering the process of screening extra secure.

§  Simple to utilize

There exist software that can be stated to be simple to utilize. It is developed in such a way to let the contender and the employer feel very easy and joyful.

§  Takes less time

 In case the traditional procedures of employing were used, it might have used up the most valuable time of the hiring managers and the employers. Therefore, it is highly profitable to incorporate the online proctoring test to measure the skills of the contender. Furthermore, it eliminates the interview round to save a considerable amount of time. 

§  Trouble-free & hassle-free

Since the entire procedure of screening tends to be automated from conveying the emails to obtaining the comprehensive reports. Such automation renders the screening procedure easy with no hassle.

Disadvantages of online proctoring  

§  Validity

The test must be practically appropriate, designed to be suitable for a specific job role. For instance, a PHP developer must be well familiar with more than one PHP frameworks. In case the test does not cater to such points, it may prove futile.

§  Reliability

The measurement test for skill must show consistency both in marking and queries. The contender should not score abruptly less or more marks.

§  Guesswork is possible

In case the employer or hiring manager does depend upon objective test only, it will not give the actual snapshot of the contender. Making guesses will render the entire process undependable and invalid.

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