Monday, 16 July 2018


What is breast cancer? It would mean the growth of tumours in the glandular tissue of the breasts. In the modern day situation more and more women are surviving breast cancer than before. If numbers are an indicator nearly 2 million people survive from breast cancer. The key is early detection and then treatment of the same. For sure it will lead to positive outcome of the same.

The exact reason on why a woman goes on to develop breast cancer is still a mystery. Though younger women can fall prey to this disease, this tends to affect woman in the age group of 50 years all the more. The lifestyle changes along with your habits have a definite say in this regard. It could also emerge if you have a history of this disease running in your family as well.

In the starting phase the symptoms of breast cancer are hardly noticeable. But once the cancer goes on to spread over women can go on to figure out a lot of noticeable changes. One of the most common symptoms that tend to arise is the swelling of the breasts. Lumps could also appear under the arms as well. A foul discharge from the nipple could also emerge.

Screening of breast cancer

The question is whether you need to screen or not. It is not a medical problem but economic considerations come into play here. The moment a patient is diagnosed with cancer, it leads to a period of acute stress for the patient. In fact a period of depression along with confusion creeps in as well.

One of the main reasons on why early screening is suggested is because medical treatment or surgery would be most effective. For sure it is going to reduce the impact of mortality.

The treatment

The moment a breast cancer is detected then the process of treatment takes over. You can tell whether it is staged. The doctor is in a position to figure out whether the cancer has spread or not. In fact a series of tests are suggested to find out the stage as well. If the doctor is aware of the stage they are in a better position to play the course of treatment.

As far as the choice of treatment depends here the general health and age of a woman assumes a lot of importance. The location along with the type of tumour assumes a lot of importance. Here the key point that you need to be aware is whether the cancer has gone on to spread in other areas of the body or not. You could opt for a single treatment or a combination of treatments as one may deem it to be fit.

As far as the breast cancer treatment in India is concerned, surgical methods are put to use. It goes on to destroy the cancer cells. If the breast cancer has gone on to spread at a local level then surgery could be an option as well.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


All Fruits that are Green aren’t Healthy

An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is one saying we live by. Isn’t it? And surely a bright red apple would be appealing to our eyes and inadvertently we would buy it, thinking that it is healthy. Now what if you come to know that this apple comes with its own baggage that makes it anything but healthy? Shocked? Well, not so much.

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