Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why Stevia Herb is important for your Health?

There are lots of health benefits of stevia like weight loss, sugar control, hypertension, prevents several of forms of cancer. It’s also help in skin care diseases, protect oral health and build strong bones.
Do you know what Stevia is? Well may be few of you already know about it or rest may be not. Stevia is herbal herb which is sweeter than sugar; it is a green leafy plant used for hundred years because of its various health benefits, leaves of stevia herb is extremely sweet. Stevia is recently in fame when people notice that stevia 40x times sweeter than sugar and it will not affects the blood sugar leaves. Stevia leaves don’t have any side effects on body unlike sugar.

In this busy life where health issues like sugar, obesity, hypertension etc. are so common. Stevia is blessing for everyone. Stevia has more than 240 species known as from different names. But its formal scientific name is stevia rebaudiana only. It is found in the tropical portions of north and South America, Whether the herb belong their but its also available in India. Stevia suppliers in India try that their each and every product will be reach to their customers.

Scientist believes that Stevia is also a wonderful option for the people those are on carbohydrate   diet. Here we are sharing some amazing benefits of stevia herbs.

1.       Lowers Your Cholesterol Level: Stevia herbs are very use full in lower cholesterol level of your body. The consumption of stevia leaves help you in reducing cholesterol level and it increase the HLD level which is healthy cholesterol. 
2.       Good for diabetic patients:  People widely used stevia because of its ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It is an ideal replacement of sugar in your body. You can have sweets without worrying about your diabetic complications.
3.       Obesity: Having refined sugar also effect on our body weight, replace refined sugar with stevia and you will find the change in your weight. Stevia is sweeter and having zero calories. If you will have products made by stevia you will definitely reduce the weight. Stevia also control access sugar in children.
4.       Skin Care: Stevia products also beneficial for skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis. Its help bacteria to spread in your body.
5.       Oral Health: Stevia is helpful to reduce bacterial formation in the mouth; you can use it as a toothpastes and mouthwashes.
6.       Help prevent cancer:  Stevia herb have rich source of antioxidant compounds which help to prevent various type of cancer like pancreatic cancer etc. it also help preventing various types of heart diseases.
These are important health benefits you will get from stevia. Apart from this Stevia sell their products in the form of powder and crushed leaves of stevia and extract liquid. You can carry their stevia liquid or powder with you anywhere be it restaurant, hotel, in traveling anywhereand follow healthy lifestyle with it.

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