Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Nobody Needs a Reason to Have Veg Biriyani Ever

Nobody Needs a Reason to Have Veg Biriyani Ever

Food is an integral part of our lifesystem, it is a substance for our survival, in fact I wouldn’t be very wrong in saying that it is the most integral and vital thing for any being to survive be it rational or irrational living or non-living. The only basic difference between all of them and human beings are that we being the sophisticatedones want sophisticated food as well; also our taste gland is really active so you want good food all the time, if you start following a routine you would soon be bored and walk out of your own routine.

Talking of lavish food reminds me of one of the most integral part of our rich Indian cuisine which is biriyani. There is absolutely nothing to worry about people who are vegetarian, because you always have veg biriyani at your list. There is actually not much of a difference between people who have non veg biriyani and people who prefer veg, because they taste pretty much the same, and they are to die for, how amazing can be that be. Nothing can be better than having a plate of biriyani and that is delightful, it makes you feel all the butterflies in your tummy.

There are zillions of reasons for loving veg biriyani, and you are going to amuse yourself with a few:
  • What on earth can beat the taste of biriyani? Isn’t it an absolute love, both the veg and the non-veg taste almost alike except that piece of chicken or mutton?
  • Biriyani is like a complete meal worth each and every penny you pay, so if you order a plate of veg biriyani, and you are so full for the day.
  • Nobody can miss out on that piece of potato widely known as the ‘Biriyanikaaloo,’ what can you need more, that’s like everything you want. Biriyani with aloo I mean that is so mouth-watering now.
  • Biriyani has this royal feel, if you want a royal lunch or dinner for yourself then you know the exact dish to order to feel the luxury, also to add a tint of delight you can just have the veg biriyani with raita and some amazing vegetarian side dishes, and feel the pleasure.
  • The richness of heritage biriyani have makes it all the more famous, I mean it has been there in our culture for so long.
  • The aroma that you get when you cross some biriyani shop drags you back so that you can get yourself some, the smell doesn’t vary from veg to non-veg biriyani, which sounds as amazing as it taste like.
  • You really can’t talk of occasions and Biriyani, nobody say’s a no to veg Biriyani at odd hours, you can have it whenever you want or whenever you are offered.

Biriyani is so famous as a dish that everyone once in their lifetime would try a hand to prepare this dish and you can just find veg biriyani recipe in Marathi and other languages online which is like wow, you’re ready to go. Eat good food stay happy.

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