Saturday, 7 April 2018

How Can You Run a Successful Instagram Store Successfully?

E-commerce stores and website is gaining more and more popularity with the passing time as there are so many people who opt for shopping through the online stores and similar online options. Some growing businesses as well opt for online marketing of their store. The various social media platform can help you out with this easily. There are different types of stores which run their business through social media as well. You can always try and build your brand which can be centered on the influences of social media alone. There are several online stores which run on Instagram and are known popularly as the Instagram stores. This kind of stores has a huge business these days, and anyone can start their own successful Instagram store. Here we are going to guide you regarding how to create your store and some tips which would help you promote your Instagram business successfully.

Why choose an Instagram store?
Before you start a store understand whether you have the product that is suitable to be marketed through Instagram at all. The Instagram store may not work that well for every type of product. Majorly it has been observed that imported clothing, makeup, accessories, jewelry are some of the items which sales best on Instagram. This is a good option for trading in second-hand items as well. As a seller, do you have any such products to sell? If so, then the Instagram store is the right place for you. The second factor to be considered is the Instagram followers you have. If you already have a good following on Instagram profile for your personal use, you can always import the contacts from there by simply following them from your brand profile. Once you follow them and let them know that brand is yours, you can have some diligent and dedicated customers among your real followers for Instagram easily who personally know you and hence would be ready to trust your brand.

Preparations for launching the store
Do you have high quality and aesthetically appealing pictures of the products you wish to sell through Instagram? Much depends on the type of image that you are uploading for the products on sale. If you do not have proper icons for the items, you should first click some on your own. Edit them or filter the colors as necessary and once you have enough images for the store upload them with proper captions, hashtags, and the price. Ensure that your brand page is kept public and visible to all. 

Some popular stores choose to keep the contents private, and you can view it only when you follow and are approved by them. While these techniques work in arousing the interest of the customer, it also means that many prospective customers would simply skip your profile because they are not interested in following a private profile whose contents are not visible to them. If your items are not visible, the prospective clients would not be able to view them, and without viewing them, their interest would not be aroused. Write the About section of your profile with care and provide all the necessary information there including the WhatsApp number and link to the website if you have any. If there is no website but fan pages on Facebook, you can provide the link to it as well. If you want to provide cash on delivery service, then contact the relevant authorities and plan the payment modes accordingly before you start selling through the website and entertaining orders.

What boosts your store and business towards success?
There are several things which you can do for expanding your Instagram business. Be diligent and respond to all the queries that your customer have about the products. Ensure that you check the direct messages you get. Keep your brand profile, and personal profile separated. At times it is beneficial to grow your business through Instagram by simply using the right hashtags and ensuring that the posts are visible to viewers. Provide the WhatsApp number and be available to respond to all the queries your buyers have. Your customers would feel important and appreciated when you respond to their messages personally and quickly and hence ensuring that you are available on your profile all the time is necessary. If you have enough business through Instagram, you can as well try the sponsored posts which are helpful for giving your company further boost.

Things to avoid
The first and foremost thing to be avoided is leaving a promotional comment on posts by prospective clients. The promotional comments can look for desperate for attention to your prospective client and hence create a negative impression on the first place itself. Do not use irrelevant hashtags to get more followers and viewers like this, in turn, would not bring you quality clients who go through the entire procedure of the sales. Follow other stores in the same category to get an idea of the various types of the item they are trading in and what you can add to increase the sales from your account. Ensure your prices are not higher than the usual standard or else you would be losing customers since the main attraction of the Instagram store is the lower cost rates.

It can be concluded that with a particular strategy and some luck, you can successfully run an Instagram store. There are many types of items which are available on Instagram store and number of prospective buyers as well. This is a marketing platform with high potential, and you can reap the maximum benefit out of it. So running ad Instagram store is not going to be that difficult if you have your priorities right.

Author Bio: The writer of the article Margaret W. Fleener has experience with shopping at the various Instagram stores as followers for Instagram. She has her own Instagram shop which helped her gather this knowledge from the experiences.

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