Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why You Should Avoid E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy?

Why You Should Avoid E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy
E-cigarettes were created in China as a replacement for the injurious cigarette addiction. While the electronic cigarette is used mostly by smokers who want to leave, or by ex-smokers and the number of users among non-smokers is negligible. There is always a chance that using it may lead to nicotine addiction. Also, it is often seen that using an e-cigarette only delays quitting and people tend to grow dependent on it. Some smokers who could have left smoking permanently now tend to depend on the electronic cigarettes and refuse to leave it.

E-cigarettes during pregnancy can lead to problems such as early delivery of your baby, which clinically means preterm labour. It leads to a premature baby with low birth weight, less developed regions especially on the face which may lead to a permanent deformity.

Nicotine results in decrease of oxygen amount in your body and so less available oxygen for your baby. It often causes birth disorders like and also after birth the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is increased drastically. It also contracts the arteries so less nutrition and oxygen reaches your baby through the placental barrier. Nicotine is infamous of having ill-effects on the health of a baby, sometimes acting as carcinogenic of the foetus too. Also the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) increases amongst such babies. Vaping is harmful to the baby both before and after birth. One of the main problems which are caused by vaping is the placental insufficiency or abruption of the placental which can be lethal to the baby. It also includes other problems such as labour before the end of the gestation period of nine months; many stillbirths have occurred or low birth weight although not a fatal disease is seen in such patient’s baby. Other birth defects are found especially if vaping is done in the first three months when the baby is very sensitive to the external factors causing a change in its development. The harmful effects of nicotine are not limited up to the foetus only, it even affects the grown up children with ADHD and chronic diseases like asthma and other lung diseases. ADHD is a disorder in which a kid can’t concentrate on a single thing properly and also shows increased aggressiveness.

Thus you should steer clear of vaping while pregnant, and the reasons are clearly illustrated above. It is better to depend on the ictonice chewing gums, as it doesn’t fills your blood with vapour. It releases very low amounts of nicotine and also has much more number of quality controls. E-cigarette is a relatively new concept and there hasn’t been much researcha bout it and hence a low number of quality control.
Being pregnant is one of the best experiences of a woman’s life and being a mother is a huge responsibility. So just for the sake of your baby it is best to avoid substances that could possibly pose as a threat to a healthy life for your baby.

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