Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Most business owners often find Instagram to be quite mysterious and they believe it is meant for larger brands and celebrities. This is not the case. Small businesses can also benefit from Instagram and get the web presence and visibility it deserves. Social media marketing is vital for creating a strong online presence in this fiercely competitive market. If you check social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you will find all of them are different. They are not the same. Each of them has a unique strategy that you should deploy when you are going in for brand awareness and the establishment of web presence. The strategy should keep your goals in mind. When you are creating the strategy for posting, determine what you want from your users- are you looking for more leads, more sales, a call to action, etc. Define what you want and expect. This will help you frame the strategy correctly.

Auto schedule posts for your business

List the content that you plan to post. Remember when you are posting content make sure that it complies with the strategy. Schedule the posts and if you do not have time to post the media on your own, resort to an automation software for posting.  They will schedule the posts for you so that you can focus on the core functions of the business better. The best time for you to post in early in the morning and late evening. Research says that this is the time when most people check their social media profiles. In Instagram ensure you have a good bio and make sure to include the link to your website under the bio.

Get started with Instagram fast

The task of getting started with Instagram is not a hard one. You have to begin with a strategy, and the following are some expert tips you can follow-

Make hashtags a part and parcel of your Instagram marketing strategy

Besides your business image, you must ensure that hashtags are part of your Instagram marketing strategy. In fact, they are essential elements of your Instagram post. They will tell you the story about your business image and with the aid of captions you can connect to a wide global audience.  With the help of hashtags, you can allow others see your post outside your current network of followers. When web visitors search for industry niches under hashtags, you will find your posts turning up as well. In this way, you can increase your influence and get more followers to your brand. When you are choosing hashtags for your posts, use the ones that are popular as they have very high chances of getting searched and found. When you are choosing your hashtags, make a mix of popular, less popular and trending. The first one will connect you to people looking for you; the second might not get you too many followers however the ones that search for you and find you are more targeted. The third will attract new followers to your brand. When you are creating your post, be careful and do not use too many hashtags. Research says that the choice of hashtags is crucial. Make them relevant to the photo and the niche that you are marketing.

Join the Instagram community for your business

Social networking helps you to get real Instagram followers. If you go ahead and establish relationships with other users of Instagram, you will be able to connect and form a very large community of Instagram users that are interested in you. Besides the use of hashtags, you may build your community by commenting and liking pictures. When you are using Instagram, it is not only about posting pictures. You must establish a community of people that are interested in your brand. They become your brand ambassadors and will share your profile with others in their network. You may share photos and videos of your events. This helps you to give your followers an insight into your business and help them understand your business website better.

Instagram is an excellent platform for all businesses irrespective of size and niche. Some businessmen believe that Instagram is only for products and not for services. This is a misconception. You may post Instagram Stories with real people using your products and services. In the caption, you may add their experiences and share them as a story to attract your audience.  The Instagram story stays for 24 hours and so it is here that your users need to post and share fast.

Instagram is a cost-effective platform for all businesses, and if you have not used it till date, it is high time that you start doing so today for your business needs!

Author Bio:-Walter Moore is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles, he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.

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