Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Know Some Commonly Performed Orthopedic Surgeries

There are different types of surgeries that are performed by physicians on their patients. One such surgery is orthopedic which tends to deal with skeletons and muscles present in the human body. It is a surgery form that rectifies issues arising in the tendons, ligaments, attachments and skeleton region. 

Few common issues might arise from injuries caused to the spine. Issues are also likely to arise with age. Different types of treatments that are offered to patients include amputation, traction, joint replacement, spinal fusion, hand reconstruction, etc.

The other ailment types for which visiting the top 10 orthopedic surgeons in India will be required are bone dislocations, sprains, strains and broken bones. Orthopedic surgeries include including foreign material within the body like tongs, pins, wires and screws, etc. This is to help the bone to be held in proper place or to hold the artificial bone. Using advanced technology, plenty of improvements are being made in joint and bone replacement procedure and the materials that are used for the purpose of replacement.

Few common orthopedic surgeries conducted on patients

·       Complete joint replacement surgery: Patients diagnosed with severe joint pains or arthritis is suggested to avail this form of surgery. Through this surgery, the patient is able to gain enhanced motion range. Lesser pain is experienced after the surgery and normal life can be resumed quickly and efficiently. The surgeon at the time of treatment will evaluate the joint’s damaged parts and have it replaced with plastic or metal parts which are shaped with natural perfection. This is to enable painless normal movement.

·       Spine surgery: It is considered to be a complicated surgical procedure. Spinal surgery might be suggested due to various types of ailments, with the common one being chronic back pain. Pain in the back is found to be extremely severe, such that it does hamper’s the individual’s regular movement and life. After the surgery, the patient will experience lesser pain and can find dramatic improvement in activity and movement. A common back surgery type is spinal fusion. The orthopedic surgeon, during the procedure tends to join two vertebrae together, belonging to the backbone. It restricts motion, while reducing stress upon the spinal cord, thus, providing immense relief from pain.

·       Total shoulder replacement: This type of surgical procedure helps to reduce pain and to improve joint movements with time. The damaged cartilage and bones are replaced using plastic or metal. Even range of motion is improved immensely.

·       ACL Reconstruction: ACL means Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is a major ligament to help stabilize knee movements. As it ruptures, the ligament needs to be reconstructed. The surgeon can reconstruct this ligament easily by using the patient’s own tissues or using a donor’s and then there is constructed new ACL. New ligament gets secured in place using screws and various other devices.

Overall, the surgeon can reconstruct, cure or replace ailments which are connected to musculoskeletal system. Such treatments can help the patient to resume regular life and face reduced pain and enhanced movement capability.

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