Friday, 23 March 2018

For Tourism: You Get Everything IN India

India is a beautiful country with diverse destinations scattered in its realm. There are many states, cities, destinations, hill stations, tourist spots, spiritual sites and so on to explore the charm and adventure. Every city has its own aura and richness. 

Talking about Delhi the capital of India, it has always been a great attraction for visitors and tourists. The city has several points of interests. You can find historic, artistic, enlightening, spiritual, beautiful and different types of destinations in this city. If you talk about the comfort and stay over arrangements, you can find specified arrangements too. If you want Rooms in Delhi for unmarried couples, you can easily find them. So, the point is that there is everything snuggled in this capital. Have a look at a few of the different tourist spots of capital below:

Historic Delight 

Talking about the historic delight Delhi, it would definitely leave you stunned. There are many historic landmarks in Delhi. The most famous spot in this category is the majestic Red Fort. It was constructed by Shah Jahan in the years of 1639-48.  He developed Shahjahanabad, which was the seventh town of Delhi. It is the present day Old Delhi.  Red Fort encompasses the drum house, Diwan-i-Aam or Hall of Public audiences, Naqqar Khana, Khas Mahal palace, Rang Mahal palace, Mumtaz Mahal palace and Moti Masjid mosque. Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   The place enjoys a great footfall throughout the year.

How about visiting the splashing India Gate, stirring war memorial of city, the great Jama Masjid, and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial?  If you have never been to Jama Masjid then you must visit there at least once.   It is the major mosque of India. It is last work of great Emperor Shah Jahan. The formation of this mosque began in year 1650 and got finished within six years. So, are you ready to experience the rich Mughal or Mogul history of Delhi? Talking about its location it is located over road in front of the Red Fort. The spacious courtyard of Jama Masjid has the capacity to encompass thousands of devotees. 

Don’t miss out Qutub Minar too! This beautiful building block of Qutub Minar was laid by Qutubuddin Aibak.  It is apparent that this spot is one of the finest spots to visit.  It is elevated at around the height of 73 and is built in red sandstone.  You can even witness the   tomb of Zafar Mahal and Adham Khan within Qutub complex and can visit, tomb of Jamali-Kamali. 

Then Janter manter would also make your day. It is one of the greatest architecture of Indian masterwork.   Maharaja Jai Singh II, who was from Jaipur, built it in year 1712 A. D.  It is a grand structure that possesses 14 geometric devices. These devices are often used for calculating time, forecasting behaviour of platens or predicting changes in the weather.  All the products are stable and are pointing to some specific direction.  


So, these were just a few patches of tourism in Delhi the capital of India.

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