Friday, 30 March 2018

Cyber knife system

The system that is concerned with providing non-invasive treatment for both non-cancerous and cancerous tumors which are present is any part of the body is known as cyberknife system. With the help of the cyberknife procedure, the tumor is targeted and the radiation is delivered safely with an accuracy of sub-millimeter. This procedure makes sure that the healthy tissues and organs are exposed to the minimum amount of radiation. 

What types of areas of the body or cancers are treatable by cyberknife system?

Body areas like lung, brain, prostate, neck, head, spine, pancreas, liver and kidney are treatable by sober knife system. Cyberknife hospitals in India will give you detailed information about the process. 

What are the benefits of cyberknife system? 

There are many advantages of going through a cyberknife system since it does not involve any surgical incision. This procedure is not at all painful. You will not require going through hospitalization or anesthesia to undergo this procedure. You will require only five treatment session in order to complete the cyberknife procedure. The treatment involves minimum side effects and you are able to return to normal activities almost immediately as it has absolutely the minimal amount of recovery time. 

What are the side effects if cyberknife treatment? 

The side effects of cyberknife treatment I'd generally temporary and mild. Mostly it involves fatigue and nausea. But in some very rare cases like any radiation treatment, the side effects may be severe and is might involve permanent injury or even death. Befriending for the surgery make sure to consult with a doctor to know whether you are suitable for the surgery or not. Another side effect involved is that you might get skin irritation. In severe cases, the patient might face pain, decoration of life quality, and alterations in normal body functions which involves urinary and salivary function. You must face the side effects shortly after you are over with the radiation or several years after. The severity of side effects depends on the various factors like size and location of the tumor that was treated and also the general medical condition of the patient. 

How many sessions are required in case of cyberknife treatment? 

The cyberknife radiosurgery treatment is generally involved with one to five sessions and it is over within a week. 

How long does each session require? 

Depending upon the number of beams utilized and also the degree of motion that is exhibited by the target, the duration of each cybe rknife treatment is decided. Generally, it lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. Those treatments that are involved with a higher quantity of beams which are applied to moving target will require a longer time than the lower quantity beams which are delivered or static targets. This is mainly because extra time is needed to make sure that the delivery is of high precision. There has been an availability of a multileaf collimator which is beam shaped. This is supposed to make treatment faster. Find the best cyber knife hospital in India to undergo the procedure.

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