Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blockchain Technology Provides Data Authenticity

In this digitalised world, there is risk and threat to the data of the businesses. The Ransomware attacks and others are quite alarming, so the businesses can lose a lot with this. It becomes necessary to pay heed on the security of their data which can be really devastating for the industries. Now it is important for the business to use the blockchain technology which has its basic usage in the Bitcoin currency. But it has a lot more to offer than the protection to the bitcoin currency.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain technology can be used for the data protection. A list of records is maintained by this technology as it is a distributed database and it secures the data from fingerprinting and timestamping. It includes the blocks of data structures which contains the programs with the batches of the individual transactions. There is a network of the nodes (computers) and this technology resides in it. When there is any new transaction then in this distributed network of the nodes, blockchain technology is authenticated before the new transaction is added as the next block. Before you want to add any new block then the consensus of the nodes is required in the blockchain.

The data is secured with the blockchain technology. There are a lot of features which are as follows:-
  • Copy of the chain – a trust is created amongst users with the blockchain technology by creating the copy of the chain. So this shows that each and every transaction is saved by the network. If anyone tries to do tampering, then it can be easily identifiable. This helps in ensuring you that the data is secured properly.
  • Proof of integrity – there is a proof of integrity provided by the blockchain technology. For instance, it can be proved by it that the data is not tampered anyone and it can also be identifiable. It provides proof to the users that there has been no data movement.
  • Protection from deletion – the data can be protected from the deletion and tampering with the blockchain technology. The verification can also be done independently. So, one of the solution is Acronis Notary which can also be used as a proxy on any data program and thus requiring no change in the infrastructure.
  • Certification – the certification can also be provided for the existence of the data. So, the data protection and the data authenticity are ensured with the blockchain technology. Sales facilitation, digital rights management, trading of the real objects is also supported by it.
As we know today, the hackers and the malicious software are everywhere which is a threat to your data. The businesses can protect themselves from the risks of the tampering of the data and can provide data authenticity with the blockchain technology. It can be easily trusted as the copy is created by the blockchain and all the transactions are held by the network. The security of the data can be ensured by the blockchain technology.

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