Monday, 5 March 2018

Benefits of Sweet Corn for Your Body

Some people always prefer munching a snack at least once in a day. Most of the snacks available in the market are high in calories and fats and lacks the real essential nutrients. One of the snacks that are the best for the munchies lover is the corn. Sweet corn has a number of health benefits which makes it a healthy snack.

Rich in nutrients 

Sweet corn is packed with high nutrients which are useful for the human body in a number of ways. It helps in idyllic functioning of the internal systems like generation of the cells, prevents constipation and various other digestive problems. It is a blessing for the people who are diabetic. The sweet corn recipe in hindi provides information about cooking the nutrient packed starchy snack which is low in total fat with zero unsaturated fats, cholesterol or sodium. It is high in vitamin C and is a good source of fibre too.


For skin

Look younger-If you want to hold your beauty and look young and maintain the youthful look, you must consume sweet corn, because it is a powerhouse of antioxidants which is useful in preventing the process of ageing of the skin.

Enhances skin texture- Consumption of sweet corn on a regular basis is considered good for enhancing the texture of your skin. It hosts essential minerals and vitamins which when applied on skin as well as eaten is proven to ensure you a radiant skin and good vision.

Removes Acne Scars- When the high in Vitamin E sweet corn paste is applied on the skin it works wonders to remove the facial acne scars effectively.

For hair

Enhances blood circulation- Consumption of the corn oil and also applying it on the scalp enhances the blood circulation which in return helps the hair follicles to produce strong and healthy tresses.

Strengthens hair strands-Vitamin C, lycopene content and various other antioxidants present in the corn helps in strengthening the hair strands effectively. It also helps in fixing hair loss problems with regular consumption.

Healthy Benefits

Treats Anaemia- Corn contains a huge amount of Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. The deficiency of these mentioned nutrients cause anaemia. Thus, eating sweet corn can help you in preventing anaemia effectively.

Lowers Cholesterol- Sweet corn contains fibres that turn into a gel-like substance when in the blood stream, these are very important for a body to function well. Sweet corn contains carotenoids and bioflavonoid which helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in blood.

Improves vision- Sweet corn contains beta carotene that produces vitamin A to promote better vision. The carotenoid reduces the macular degeneration that impairs the vision, thus, helping in improving the vision.

Boosts Energy- The sweet corn acts as a storehouse of energy as it provides with more energy than most of the vegetables. Athletes are suggested to follow the sweet corn recipe in hindi to increase their carbohydrates intake which in return will boost their energy with every meal of sweet corn.

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