Monday, 5 March 2018

Benefits of Online Examination system

Examination of any kind is considered to be one of the most essential segment of testing the understanding and also analysing the capabilities of the candidates. It could be a test which is conducted to know the performance of the group. Examination could be conducted by a written test, or oral viva test or even an on-screen questionnaire and/or a practical test. But with the advent of technology and science, these examinations too now have undergone major changes. Just like the ancient times, when people were required to perform certain tasks attributing to their physical and mental strength, similarly now we are making use of the modern techniques which are paper free. Yes, this means the online examination.
Listed below are some of the advantages of online examination to the businesses:
  • Easy to operate and accessible to all – While the online examination system is quite easy to operate, it is quite flexible as well. The advance functionalities of the procedure allow the candidate to have a simple yet effective exam. The hiring managers also can easily allocate the assessment tests and even if the candidates are spread off various locations but are registered for the test can also take it using the online platform at the same time. Also using the online mode, the hiring manager will also be at rest. The paper can be put forward in multiple languages and the sequence of the questions can be randomized or shuffled and various kinds of sets of question paper can be created so that the cheating or copying among the candidates could be avoided.
  • Time Management – The use of computer systems at the examination centre will only contribute to save and manage the time. The quick availability of the computer systems along with the sound connection can provide an enhanced online examination system platform. The entire process has been simplified and synthesized in terms of registration, enrolment, examination and then finally analysis and announcement of the end results. Besides, it is even very easier to evaluate the answers and the candidates also get a fair chance to perform and let the interviewer know of their knowledge on the subject. This is one platform where the conceptual clarity can be portrayed.
  • Enhanced security –The security of the examination conducted online comes with the advance features. It helps in conducting, controlling and coordinating the exams. It is also very easy for the hiring manager to change the sequence of the questions and thus saving himself from creating multiple questionnaires. The data is also secure in the system and the confidentiality is also maintained. Besides it also allows a quicker analysis in case the hiring manager is loaded with a huge number of applications.
  • Environment-friendly – This is the modern technique and is considered to be very inexpensive and environment friendly. The low cost maintenance and the assembling and testing of multiple candidates at the same time, makes it an ideal choice for hiring managers to choose the online examination system. Plus it is low in cost and very economical.

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