Thursday, 29 March 2018

4 Spot-on Signs of a Modern Kitchen You Need to Know about Now

“If you want to design a modern kitchen, here are a few signs that can help you plan it better.”
Do you want to give a modern facelift to your existing kitchen? Well, times are changing and interior designs are also undergoing a major change, thereby trying to make your homes more efficient, convenient, and comfortable. Therefore, kitchens, which are the so-called hearts of a house, should also go through a variety of changes, making the cooking experience better for the homeowner.
Modern kitchens are far from the messy farmhouse style kitchen and the elegance of the Victorian style kitchens. Modern designs are simple, subtle, and hassle-free and yet have a promising impact that will leave you impressed. You will find a lot of sharpness, sleekness, and industrial charm in modern kitchens as seen in the wallpaper patterns, countertop designs, or the shaker style cabinets. So, what are the typical signs of a modern kitchen? Take a look.

Modern Style Cabinetry

First of all, modern kitchens are all about neatness and organization. It is believed that better organization leads to better efficiency. And that has been made possible with the help of a stunning range of kitchen cabinetry, right from elegant maples, or shaker styles to the RTA kitchen cabinets. Modern cabinets can give you practical solutions to your daily chores in the kitchen because of its spacious quality, durability, and low-maintenance. Store all your endless kitchen essentials in these cabinets designed with various shelving options and pull-out drawer facilities. Speaking of designs, these vary between intricately detailing, sleek edges, and rich finishing, which are suitable for all interiors. So, these modern kitchen cabinets bear the flag of contemporary kitchens quite perfectly.

Splash of Colors

Gone are the days when kitchens used to be adorned in one neutral hue like beige, grey, or ivory. Nowadays, modern kitchens are also about a splash of bright colors. Starting with red, blue, green, to yellow, there is a lot of room for pop color kitchens in the 21st century. In fact, some kitchens also see a combination of contrasting colors. For instance, teaming up a light color on the walls with a contrasting bright shade on the backsplash or accent wall can be a great idea.

Tech-Savvy Kitchen

The word ‘modern’ hides the underlying concept of technology in it. So, modern kitchens too have a number of high-tech features in terms of appliances. Modern kitchens are all about minimizing effort and time. So, all such kitchen designs include efficient, innovative, and high-quality appliances like microwave, pressure cooker, dishwasher, dish dryer, toasters, electric knives, food processors, or refrigerator drawers beneath cabinets or countertops. So, design a tech-savvy kitchen and save your time and energy.

 Large Kitchen Island

No matter how modern we become, there is one thing that never changes, i.e. a family coming together for meals. Still now, every family shares their day to day stories over breakfasts or dinners. The only thing that has changed is earlier it used to be in the dining room, at the dining table. And now, this has been replaced by the kitchen island. That is why the kitchen island is the new element of the modern kitchen. Hang-out, eat, and cook all together in your modernized kitchen with a large center island surrounded by bar stools.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have identified the typical signs of a modern kitchen, get started with your kitchen designing or remodeling with these new and improved ideas and give your home a brilliant modern twist.

Author Bio:

Sean Graham, a regular blogger on Shaker Style Cabinets, here writes on 4 spot-on signs of a modern kitchen such as RTA kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island etc, that will help you plan your modern kitchen better.

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