Thursday, 15 February 2018

History Of Carpets And Its Fame From The Marwari Era

The Marwari era is known for their natural history and culture for centuries. This is because of their clothing style, decorated palaces and many more of the heritage that they have still carried forward over a generation. Most of the Marwaris still live around the western part of India, where they carry on with their culture. Just like any other authentic Indian and world-class designs and embroidery, this is unique in its own way. A Marwari era is filled with their massive history of carpets and rugs, from where people around the world have now started introducing those in their homes.

Brief History Of Carpets

If you want to add a royal touch to your place, you can definitely look for the different designer carpets present in the online shopping platforms. But to get the essence of this added touch to your place you need to fried know about a brief history related to these carpets. Right now there are many carpet manufacturing industries in india who are now famous due to the increasing fame of this decorating item to be placed on the floor.

The history of carpets starts with the great kings of Marwar. They had unique lifestyle from other kings and had to abide by rules that they followed with extreme honor and valor. These were part of their culture and as a mark of their cultural heritage, they had designer items present in their room for decoration. The decoration included well-designed window covers, furniture and carpets.

At that time carpets were such a great part of the king's palace that they were placed in most important places, like king's court, gardens and royal chambers. Those were not built with different embroidery of a thread like the present day, instead, there were carpets filled with precious stones as well made by master tailors of the king.

From that royal lineage, carpets reached other royal palaces and Britishers were in India they too had interest in this type of carpets. In fact, the marvelous works of embroidery were exported to different countries. They had such fame that royal families used to buy them against gold. From that time started the sales of carpets and people started redesigning it in their own way.

At present, there are different colors and designs which many carpet companies have brought forward. They are available online and up for grabs to decorate personal spaces. Marwari culture has become increasingly famous and now grass carpets are sold as well, which add a special touch to the house like that of a garden space. These are all specially prepared because they can look like real grass. There are the best carpet grass suppliers in india who supply quality products that do not wear out easily and are easier to maintain.


Different types of carpets need to be bought according to the place where they are to be kept and the designs of the room that are present. When a person gets a product from an online website, they already get massive variety in products of different kinds. 

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