Wednesday, 14 February 2018

During Pregnancy an Eye on the Digestive Problems

Come pregnancy the list of digestive issues are at an all time high. The list is long but pregnancy digestion medicine could provide timely relief from the same. You would need to understand on what are the main causes of them and how to eradicate them. Heartburn, constipation, belching all adds to the fun element of pregnancy. 

You need not be embrassed about it because it is a fact of life. When stain occurs due to any bowel movement as the stools become difficult to pass, then it is constipation


Any digestive issues during pregnancy sets forth with constipation. A majority of women universally experience this condition when they are pregnant. There are varied reasons which are There is high level of certain hormones during the course of pregnancy whereby the muscles of the bowels relax and it does make it difficult for them to work efficiently

·       The uterus is at a growing phase and puts pressure on the bowel where normal function is disrupted
·       If you are into vitamin supplement the iron content may make the stool hard and make it difficult to pass at the same time.

Though constipation is common during the course of pregnancy, in no way it points to the fact that you would need to accept it. There are lot of things which can be undertaken to keep constipation at a bay

·     Increase your intake of fluids – any form of juice or water is known to soften the stool and the digested waste can pass through the bowel in an easy manner. For example prune juice is rated to be an excellent constipation zapper

·       Make it a point that your diet should be rich in fiber foods. The stool are kept soft whereby it can pass through the bowel in an easy manner. This does include a host of nutritious foods like fresh vegetables or fruits along with legumes

·       Limit your intake of sugary foods because they are binding

·    Exercise is the best solution. Not only it improves your physical stamina, your blood levels are in circulation whereby sufficient supply of oxygen is provided to all the organs of the body. This does include the bowels and they are able to perform their jobs in a more efficient manner.

The moment you are feeling constipated do not opt for a laxative. Digestion medicine during pregnancy could provide relief to a certain degree. In case of the former not only the essential nutrietns is washed from your body, it could be a lot harmful as well. It is always suggested that you discuss with your doctor if you are planning any type of medication during pregnancy.

It is not only constipation but flatulence is another digestive issue that springs up during pregnancy . This does arise when there is excess amount of gas that is build up in the large intestine. Burping is sudden explosion of gases from the stomach. All these problems are a part of pregnancy and there is no need to be concenred.

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