Wednesday, 14 February 2018

5 Reasons Twitter is Most Important for Business

Twitter is a strange platform. On the one hand, they’re in the top ten largest social networks in the world. They’re even in the top five, depending on your definition of social network. They have hundreds of millions of monthly active users. They’re facing steep backlash due to their handling – or lack of handling – of hate speech on the platform. People have been writing articles for years talking about how Twitter may be dying.

On the other hand, it’s one of those sites that has perhaps way too much inertia to actually fold. They may decline over a decade, or they may innovate. They may be sold to some other big company and restructure the entire site. Or they might stay exactly the way they are. With the recent expansion to 280 characters, they’re certainly looking to innovate. The same goes for their upcoming rules change involving adding hate speech to their bannable offenses list. In any case, it’s still a very potent site for any business to use.

You can reach target audience

Twitter doesn’t have the same kind of targeting that Facebook has, nor does it have a huge bank of analytics you can use to see individual data on your users. Instead, it’s a very open platform, where anyone can find your content through immense viral potential. You might have an audience of 50 people, but one retweet from one popular person can give your tweet a reach in the tens of thousands or more. In spite of this, regardless you contact certain individuals: the people who are well on the way to be keen on your content. Your audiance isn't only your followers butt the followers of everybody who retweets you.

Reach peoples instantly

One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is the immediacy of the channel. When you have something new to tell everyone, and you post it on your blog, it can take a while for that information to trickle through your audience. When you post it on your blog and send out a press release, it can make the news, but it might not be newsworthy enough to be published everywhere. Press releases also have a delay.

Twitter as a great customer’s services channel

The immediacy of Twitter works both ways. People generally expect a brand Twitter account to be monitored. They expect that when they send a tweet at your brand account, they can have their message seen and their issue addressed. You see it time and time again; an airline treats people unfairly until they take to TwitterYou can get direct personal engagement

On Facebook, when you respond to any comment made on your post, there’s a sort of unspoken assumption that your response is for everyone, not just for the customer on hand. If you want to discuss something individual or personal with the customer, you take to a direct message. On Twitter, replies are hidden by default, and though they’re still public, they have the impression of being a personal interaction. You can address people on a more personal level, and they can interact with you on a personal level as well.

Your competitors using twitter

You can use their Twitter presence to analyze what does and doesn’t work in your industry, at least with their audience. If their audience is similar enough to yours, you can use it to gain insight into techniques you can adopt without much experimentation. Let them make the first missteps, follow in their footsteps, and surpass them when the opportunity arises.

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