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Placing videos on your blog can enhance your readers' interest and even prolong the average duration a visitor stays on your site. Video is a great format for disseminating information and is popular with mobile device users and people who don't always have time to read through your content in text form. There are several tips to follow if utilizing videos on your blog that can increase your content's overall reach. Read on to discover the best way to place videos within your blog posts and what you should avoid when using video. 

Designs Tips for Embedding Videos on Blogs 

Depending on which Content Management System or platform your website is using, you will have a variety of options for video placement when embedding videos from a third party. In fact, you can host your own videos for increased control and analytical capabilities if you're using adequate web hosting. Whether you are hosting your own videos or embedding them from YouTube or another site then there are several design tips you should follow to make sure your video content looks natural on your blog. 

Videos should be deliberately placed within the frame of your blog post, either in a centered position or measured into a good place using CSS padding. If you're using a responsive theme, then making sure your video loads in a good position within your blog post is a simple, automated task handled by your visitor's browser. 

If building a static blog, then you'll need the HTML center tag or to use a slightly more tedious process of padding the area so that your entire video fits well in the frame of your user's screen. 

Also, consider the framing of your video. Depending on your blog's layout and color scheme it might make sense to use a border around video content to help draw distinction to your surrounding text. Borders can be built with a few simple lines of CSS for bordering

Utilizing Videos on WordPress Blogs 

WordPress is the most popular CMS and there is no shortage of video plugins to help you place and design your video content using the platform. Some of the plugins you'll find helpful if embedding videos on your WordPress blog include WonderPlugin Video Embed and Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator. The latter of these plugins is really handy if you want to show a thumbnail leading to your video rather than embedding the content full-size on your blog post. You can even use the Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator plugin to link to an anchor link and have users automatically scroll down to a video section on your website. 

The WonderPlugin Video Embed tool for WordPress blogs works great for videos that aren't just hosted on YouTube. You can use this tool to import videos from your own web hosting account or from sites like Vudu, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. This is a great option to have if you're planning to monetize your video content or use your blog to direct visitors to referrals for these websites. 

Complementing Your Content with Video 

While adding videos to your blog is easy when using plugins for WordPress or other Content Management Systems, you should also consider the actual content of the video you're embedding. It's a great idea to get all of your videos made by the same producer or set of actors or animators so that there's a coherent and unified theme to your blog. This can help you establish credibility and strengthen the branding of your blogging or media company. 

If you're not producing the videos you'll be using you can still subscribe to popular and relevant video channels on YouTube and other sites to ensure your selected third-party content creators are well chosen for your blog. Remember to keep your target demographics in mind while analyzing the tone, setting, vernacular, and other aspects of any videos you'll be placing on your blog. Having too varied an assortment may give readers the impression that you're pulling videos from a random RSS feed generator rather than hand picking the content you think they'll be interested on.

Call to Action Design Tips for Video 

Consider the reason you want videos on your blog before making your selections of which videos to display and what software to use to show them. If you're monetizing your blog posts you may find some videos are working against you, especially if they are pre-monetized for another blogger or any competing entity. You'll want videos that add value to your blog, in terms of content, as well as avoid detracting from your overall blogging goals. 

The best way to focus your videos and avoid such counter-productivity is to include a precise call to action at the end of each video. This can be accomplished by installing a button on your blog that invites readers to click to learn more about your product or service. If your blog's potential for success is based on maximizing readership, as is the case for many blogs, then you should consider installing a Subscribe button so that users can get email notifications when you make new posts. 

Use green or other inviting colors for your call-to-action buttons and avoid red and other colors that users tend to associate with negative actions like stopping or discovering an error. 

You can improve your blog quite a bit by installing a video player or embedding videos within your posts. Breaking up long blocks of text with video can help your readers get a more broad and engaging perspective on your content, posts, or services. Choose a plugin to help get your video player set up if you're using a CMS like WordPress. Make sure to use a responsive theme or carefully craft some CSS padding for your videos so that they display well on the varied selection of user devices found on the web today. Lastly, include a call-to-action button or statement that users will see when they are done watching your videos to enhance your readership or conversion rates.

Friday, 4 January 2019

If you have never heard of Prom before and you are about to participate in it in near future then you might have some basic queries in your mind. One of the first questions that might strike your mind is whether you are qualified for the prom? It would make no sense if you prepare find cheap Prom Dresses, buy them and work hard for prom dance and then come to know that it is not meant for you! So, it is better to first confirm whether your Institute allows open Prom participation.

If you are a senior in the last year of your academic session then you are most likely to get an invite for Prom and do not have to consider any such thing like qualification. But if you are a junior, then you might be on might not be able to participate in the prom. This would depend on the terms of your Institute.

Some of the institutes to allow juniors to participate in Prom. Some other Institute does not allow them and Prom is only meant for seniors. Then, there are some Institutes that allow participation of both juniors as well as seniors in the event So depending on the nature of your Institute and rules and regulations that surrounds it, you might get or might not get a chance for prom.

Once you confirm that the prom is meant for you then you can start of with further proceedings. You can decide on the kind of Prom Dresses 2019 you can avail, you can decide on the kind of other accessories that you will carry on along with the dress and you could also decide what kind of dance you are going to perform and all those things.

If you are still undecided about what kind of formal Dresses for juniors would fit the Prom, then you should simply search for it on internet. You can also take advice of your friends and if you know any seniors, you can get their opinion on what kind of prom dress would be suitable for the event. The same apply for the dance. If you do not rely on anybody then an internet is going to be your friend. You can find all the relevant information regarding from on the internet.

These are some basic information provided about Prom. If you are looking forward for it and you are still not decided of what kind of from dress you should wear, then we invite you to browse our online clothing store at https://www.PromDressesshop.com/. You will be delighted to see the huge collection and the dirt cheap pricing that we have to offer against them. Rest be assured that you can to find lots of interesting prom dresses for yourself on our online store. The prices are going to be very friendly for sure. So do give us a chance to serve you. We look forward for your response.

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In India business and finance industry tends to wage a struggle to survive for some years. Globalization, modernization, and enhanced competition, etc. have exerted a shocking influence on such industries and hence they were faced to take some extra steps to sustain in the market. Companies and people involved in these fields happen to try different novel marketing strategies and methods. One amid these methods that have demonstrated to be pretty fruitful and effective is the utilization of bulk smses like promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. In the market, you come across companies that assert to offer bulk SMS services at the cheap rates.

You must at all times carry out some research and opt for a reliable bulk SMS website to obtain better outcomes. Bulk SMS marketing caters to the group that is targeted which shall rely on the requirements of customers and conveying a huge number of SMS towards the preferred pool of audience. Bulk SMS marketing does not merely assist to stop deceitful activities, but as well perks up sales and leads for a company. Here are enlisted several main advantages of bulk SMS marketing that a person requires comprehending and after that pick the company that befits all these parameters.

Very inexpensive    
Bulk SMS services happen to be capable of affording and its extensive access split on different parameters renders it pretty efficient for the financial sector and business. It aids them to access a big group of people at the least rates.

Sale increases 
It as well assists financial industries to advertise and sell their services and products to a big group of audience. These promotional smses tend to be immediately conveyed and with ease accessible by the receiver and therefore lay an impression on the targeted audience. It exerts great influence on people and gives rise to potential leads and rapidly turn them into sales.

The best consumer service 
Business companies and financial institutions utilize bulk SMS portal services to set up a better business to consumer bond. They are utilized to convey reminders, to reply to consumer queries, put across policies etc. They at all times send new updates about products and allow them to feel connected and updated simply by putting across the new plans and offers.

Decision making
 Bulk SMS as well renders it easy for financial industries to arrive at decisions that take into account views of public and consumers. It aids them to cater to a huge group of audience and receive the reply instantaneously in the shape of SMS, shortcode, miscall, etc.  

Enhanced credibility
The bulk SMS conveyed in bulk assists the financial sector industries such as banking and insurance sector etc. to boost their credibility and perk up their goodwill by instantly catering to the customer needs and putting across the communication required.

Bulk SMS services as well control the fake activities against the consumers. It makes it perfectly possible for the consumer to look into details relating to their deals by pressing some buttons and convey them notification at what time it shall be needed.

With so much information easily available online, clients sometimes ask, "Why should we hire an agent?" They think about (and rightfully so) if indeed they couldn't buy or sell a home through the web or regular advertising programs without representation, without a agent. Some do fine on the ​own, but many don't. Listed below are 10 explanations why you might like to consider employing a professional agent.
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A healthy and strong hair is a necessity rather than a choice, and to make it stronger, one has to strictly follow a routine for taking proper care of it. Apart from heredity that affects the quality of hair to the environment that can have a worse effects, one has to use proper products that suits their hair and provide the required washes, no more no less. One cannot leave the hair for falling off or in dirty conditions where dandruff build its home.

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If, there is one item in fashioning that are truly a unified across the social grades it is the humble Kolhapuri Chappals. It is an Indian design icon. The rich as well the poor women wear it. 

Monday, 24 December 2018


We are fascinated by technology as a species. This is no truer with the introduction of Mobiles devices. It has captured our hearts and minds since its humble beginning. Over the past years, it has got a new term. In comes the ‘smartphone’. Smartphones have been in the spotlight ever since the first iPhone was unveiled back in 2011. However, what makes a smartphone ‘smart’ is the applications it hosts. These applications can be found in stores such as Google play store and apple store that has the majority share, almost 95% of all mobile apps. Mobile applications have served users for various use cases. It has instilled a sense of power to the user with the number of apps available. The largest store that hosts mobile application at the moment, the Google Play Store currently has over 2 million apps. Now that is a lot of apps! The vast options for users to choose from are both a luxury and a pain point. The focus of this is blog is to talk about the pain point.

So what can be the pain in all this? Well, on an average, a user owning a mobile device has about 35 or less. This is clearly a huge contrast to the total number of apps on the play store. The onus is on the app developer to bring it to the forefront in the midst of the chaos in the app world. Users stick to only the popular or well-advertised apps, which is a small number. Mobile users spend well over 2 hours daily on their smartphones, most of the time on apps. Each category has an average of 4-5 top apps in the region of shopping, social media, travel, leisure, games and so on. With so many Native apps on the smartphone, that would correspond to users constantly switching between these top apps at regular intervals. That sparked a thought process in Bengaluru based AppBrowzer. The need of the hour is to bring something fresh to the smartphone, and that’s smart apps!

Smart Apps on AppBrowzer

Before we can talk about smart apps. We will have to solve the pain point of native apps. The only approach right now is to have all the apps in one place. Think about it, imagine all your apps with just a tap. That’s exactly what the AppBrowzer app does. It's the one-stop solution all apps. Now let’s get straight to the point, what are Smart Apps? These are carefully researched categories within the AppBrowzer app. Each category contains several top apps however they are all hosted under AppBrowzer app. Users need not switch between apps, all the apps in AppBrowzer are now a click away. Smart apps come with their own specialities and features. These smart apps come with super fast processing, highly reliable and as engaging as the native app. Which means you get the same or even better experience as the native apps.

Here is a list of Smart Apps in AppBrowzer:

-       Smart Shopping: with smart shopping, you get instant access to all the top shopping apps. What’s more, the interface is designed to allow you to swipe, to compare between apps. It’s a must-have for all shopaholics.
-       Smart Social: have you ever imagined if you could get Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter in one place. Well, that is exactly smart social on AppBrowzer! Here again, you get instant access to all your social media handles with a simple swipe.
-       Smart Travel: travelling and booking tickets has never been easier. Now with smart travel, you can enter your travel details and get results across multiple travel platforms like MakeMyTrip and ClearTrip.
-       Smart Food: order your favourite food home from top players like Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy. Again with a simple swipe, you get all these apps.
-       Smart Deals: get the best deals around you with smart deals from Little app and nearby.com.
-       Smart Hotels: book your stay while you travel with Smart Hotels. Here you get several results from different platforms.

Technology is advancing by the minute. Users are constantly looking for the next advancement. In essence the Smartphones today need to become more ‘smart’. The Bengaluru based startup believes Smart Apps are the answer to this notion. According to Co-Founder Venkatesh Rao, he quotes- “This is the next-generation of apps that we all need”. The AppBrowzer app is available for download on the play store and is backed up with 4.4 rating and over 300k installs as of today.

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